ventral sucker

[ˈvɛntrəl ˈsʌkɚ][ˈventrəl ˈsʌkə]


  • The average rate of oral sucker to ventral sucker is 1.62-2.09:1 so oral suckers are apparently bigger than ventral suckers .

    口腹 吸盘比为1.62-2.09:1,口吸盘明显大于腹吸盘。

  • Around the ventral sucker there are 6 papillae on both the outer and inner circles .


  • The ovarian structure is complex in most of the adults . 23 % of specimens have some convolute rings of uterus before the ventral sucker .

    67%的成虫 吸盘大于 吸盘,大多数的卵巢结构复杂,23%的标本在 吸盘以前具盘曲的子宫环。

  • There were regularly arranged finger like papilla around ventral sucker .

    吸盘及周围无乳突 分布,但在 吸盘周围分布有排列整齐的指状突起。

  • Small spiny-finned fish of coastal or brackish waters having a large head and elongated tapering body having the ventral fins modified as a sucker .

    (鱼腹腔中的)黑膜海滨或半盐水中带棘鳍的小鱼,头大,身细长,有聚合成 吸盘 腹鳍

  • Results CCO LDH SDH AChE and NOS had the extensive distribution in cercariae . The enzyme activity was high in the head organ ventral sucker and tail stem of cercariae .

    结果CCO、LDH、SDH、AChE和NOS在尾蚴的头器、 吸盘和尾干部位的酶活性较高。

  • In addition to the short spines there are two circles of non-ciliated papillae on both lips of the oral and the ventral suckers . Around the oral sucker there are 12 papillae on the outer circle and 6 on the inner circle ;

    口、 吸盘上除具短小的体棘外,均具有两圈感觉乳突,口 吸盘上外圈为12个,内圈为6个;