• Standing in the airport it was as if I had a photo of el combine ( that 's what we called ours el ves ) in my empty hand .

    站在机场上,我 空空的手里就像是握着一张“联合体”(我们这样称呼自己)的照片。

  • A novel clean fracturing fluid system VES was developed which was composed of viscoelastic surfactant VES and water / salt water .

    研究开发出了新型的 VES清洁压裂液体系,它是由VES粘弹性表面活性剂和水或盐水组成。

  • A geophysical integration inversion method based on data fusion

    一种基于数据融合的地球物理数据联合反演方法&以 VES和MT为例

  • Measuring Application Efficiency of Factors Based on VES Production Function

    基于 VES生产函数的要素使用效率测度&1980~2002年中国资本和劳动力使用效率分析

  • VES ( verifiable encryption scheme ) is a special public - key system satisfying this request .

    可验证加密方案( VES,verifiableencryptionscheme)就是一种满足这样要求的特殊公钥加密方案。

  • Results : The IC50 of VES in SGC-7901 cells was 101.45 μ g / ml.

    结果: VES对SGC-7901细胞的IC50值为101.45μg/ml;

  • The research in laboratory about VES fracturing fluid used in the coal


  • At last the need of designing and applying cooperation mechanism for VEs is demonstrated and suggested .

    最后,论证了在 虚拟 企业中进行合作机制设计和应用的必要性。

  • Experimental results demonstrate that the method can be realized in MFC-based VES systems easily and get the expected effects .

    实验结果表明,该方法可以很方便地在基于MFC架构的 虚拟 实验系统中进行实现,达到了预期的效果。

  • Partner selection is an important and complex decision problem for Virtual Enterprises ( VEs ) .

    虚拟企业的合作伙伴选择是一个复杂的决策问题,为此 提出了虚拟企业伙伴选择问题 领域 目标 本体

  • Can decrease the development of B ( a ) P-induced forestomach cancer in mice .

    结果经口投予和腹腔注射 VES均可明显降低B(a)P诱导的小鼠前胃癌的发生。

  • Meanwhile VES enhances the anti-tumor ability of mouse immune system .

    同时 VES能够增强小鼠免疫系统抗肿瘤能力。

  • VES is successfully used in clean acidizing and clean fracturing in Qinghai Oilfield by which a stimulation technique is provided for the oilfield especially for extra-low pressure and water sensitive oilfields it has wide application prospects .


  • Vitamin E Succinate ( VES ) is the derivate of vitamin E.

    维生素E 琥珀酸酯是维生素E的衍生物。

  • The Betterment and Application in Fair Exchange of VES Based on Discrete Logarithm

    基于离散对数的 VES改进及在公平交换协议中的应用

  • VES was administrated at a dosage of 150mg / kg body weight for 5 weeks .

    以150mg/kg(体重)剂量的 VES治疗模型鼠共5周。

  • Methods MCF-7 human breast cancer cells were treated with VES for 24h at the concentrations of 5 μ g / ml and 10 μ g / ml.

    方法人乳腺癌细胞MCF-7以 VES刺激24h,VES浓度为5μg/ml和10μg/ml。

  • This study suggested that VES is a potential growth inhibitor of human gastric carcinoma cells in vitro .

    旨在进一步探讨 VES抑制肿瘤细胞生长的机理及将其作为肿瘤化学预防剂和治疗剂的可行性。

  • So the Elasticity Production Function is an essence theoretic expression of all production functions .

    并证明了CES生产函数、 VES生产函数和Translog生产函数均为该生产函数的特殊形式,从而说明该弹性生产函数是所有生产函数的一种基本理论表达式。

  • Using immunocytochemistry technique the protein expression of some cell cycle regulation factors and apoptosis regulation genes was determined in human gastric carcinoma ( SGC 7901 ) cells treated with Vitamin E Succinate ( VES ) for 48 hours .

    本研究采用免疫细胞化学方法检测了维生素E琥珀酸酯( VES)处理人胃癌(SGC-7901)细胞48小时后某些细胞周期调控因子及细胞凋亡调控基因的蛋白表达。

  • This paper made a further analysis the economic meaning of the parameters in the VES production function advanced by reference two the merits and lacks of the VES production Function in measuring the application efficiency of factors was pointed out .

    分析了 VES生产函数参数的经济意义,指出了该生产函数在要素使用效率测度方面的优势和不足。

  • Le Cirque des R ê ves the circus of dreams arrives without warning and opens at dusk .

    即梦幻的马戏团毫无征兆的到来并在黄昏 开演

  • VES causes breast cancer cells apoptosis through various signaling transduction pathways and suppresses the growth of breast cancer cells by synergy with many chemical drugs or tamoxifen .

    能通过多种信号传导途径诱导乳腺癌细胞凋亡,并可与多种化疗药物或 三苯氧胺协同抑制乳腺癌细胞生长。

  • ' 'what 's going on here ? ''the punters wiII wet themse ves .

    “这里是怎么 回事?”,观众会很高兴的。

  • The contents of cystine and methionine were decreased in lea - ves of S-deficient seedlings grown for 13 days .

    测定培养13天的幼苗叶片中游离氨基酸表明,缺硫幼苗其蛋氨酸和 氨酸的含量降低。

  • It is implicated that VES may act as a potential chemopreventive / chemotherapeutic agent .

    本研究结果提示, VES可能为潜在的肿瘤化学预防/治疗剂。

  • The inhibitory rate of 5-Fu group was 62.93 % higher than every VES-treated group .

    5-Fu组抑制率为62.93%,高于 VES各处理组。

  • Compared with vitamin E ( VE ) vitamin E succinate ( VES ) is stabler and has a wide use in medical and cosmetics fields .

    维生素E琥珀酸酯( VES)较维生素E(VE)的性质稳定,在医药和化妆品等领域得到了更广泛的应用。

  • Vitamin E succinate ( VES ) is an effective inhibitor of tumor cells proliferation .

    维生素E琥珀酸酯( VES)是一种有效的抗肿瘤物质。