ventricles of brain


  • After the injection of TRH to the side of the ventricles of the brain the ATP in the liver were increased obviously but after adding of atropine which inhibits the parasympathetic nerve shown a relation of dose-domino effect this effect was not observed .

    由侧 脑室注入TRH,使肝脏中ATP含量显著增加,且呈剂量&效应关系.此作用由于副交感神经的阻断剂阿托品的加入而消失。

  • Objective To study the therapeutic method and effects of spontaneous cerebral hemorrhage broken into ventricles of brain .

    目的探讨自发性脑出血破入 脑室 患者的治疗方法和效果。

  • The mortality in all ventricles hemorrhage of the brain was higher than the mortality in partial ventricles hemorrhage of the brain by Logistic regression analysis ( P < 0.01 ) .

    脑室 血组死亡率高于部分脑室积血组(Logistic回归分析P<0.05,χ2检验P>0.05);

  • Conclusion Treatment of encephalic infection by perfusing Fu Daxin into ventricles of brain was effective in raising cure rate and decreasing death rate .

    结论采用 脑室 达欣灌注治疗颅内感染是提高治愈率、降低死亡率的有效方法。

  • The mechanism of vomiting is mainly related to the four parts of the body that is abdomen trigger area of chemical receptor located in the fourth ventricles of the brain vestibule organ and senior cerebral center .

    犬呕吐发生机理与身体的4个区域,分别为腹部、位于第四 脑室的化学感受 触发区、前庭器官和高级大脑中枢有关。

  • Prelminary Inspection of the Ventricles of Adult Brain by B-mode Ultrasonic Scans

    B型超声 成人 脑室 系统的初步观察

  • Results : Fifty-two hard meninx bleed 2-ventricles of the brain 9 of internal haemorrhage around the ventricles of the brain companion of ventricles of the brain internal haemorrhage hard membrane 2 of external hemorrhage . Spider web bleed 41 under the membrane .

    结果:52例中硬脑膜下出血2例, 脑室周围- 脑室内出血9例,其中脑室内出血伴硬膜外出血2例,蛛网膜下隙出血41例。

  • Sites of ICH occurred much in the basal ganglia area next in the brain lobe the cerebellum two site hemorrhages were not rare the brain stem and the ventricles of brain were not found ;

    出血部位多发生在基底节区,其次为脑叶、小脑,两个部位同时出血并不少见,所观察病例无脑干和 脑室出血;

  • Method : According to result of dividing gave simple brain outdoor drainage removed and added the outdoor drainage of brain and removed the skill by side ventricles of the brain hematoma by the temporal lobe hematoma separately .

    方法:根据分型结果,分别给以单纯脑室外引流、经侧 脑室血肿清除加脑室外引流术和经颞叶血肿清除术。

  • Therapeutic effect of microinvasive operation treatment 40 patients with cerebral hemorrhage broken into ventricles of brain

    微创手术治疗脑出血破入 脑室40例临床分析结论早期微创手术治疗高血压性脑出血疗效确切,前景广阔

  • Objection : To clarify the diagnosis of hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage and broke into the ventricles of the brain to explore the rational treatment . 2 .

    目的:阐明高血压脑出血破入 脑室的诊断,探讨其合理的治疗。

  • Micro-invasive operative treatment of 51 cases of cerebral hemorrhage broken into ventricles of brain

    51例脑出血破入 脑室病例的微创手术治疗

  • Comparison of the curative effect between two kinds of minimally invasive surgical treatment of hypertensive basal ganglia hemorrhage rupturing into the ventricles of the brain

    高血压基底节出血破入 脑室的两种微创术式疗效分析

  • Methods c-fos antisense oligonucleotides ( AS ODN ) was injected into the right lateral ventricles of 9 SD rats to block the c-fos gene expression in brain tissue . c-fos sense oligonucleotides ( S ODN ) was used a control .

    方法在9只SD大鼠侧 脑室注射CFos反义寡核苷酸以阻断 组织CFos基因的表达,并用CFos正义寡核苷酸为对照。

  • Hyponatremia correlated closely with the localization of lesions in CT the focus in brain ganglion ( induding thalamus ) and hematocele in the ventricles of brain caused easily hyponatremia .

    低钠血症的发生与CT所见的病灶分布密切相关,病灶位于基底节区(含丘脑)及 脑室内积血更易发生低钠血症。

  • These antisense oligos were injected into the lateral ventricles of mouse brain using a Hamilton micro syringe with saline and oligos of scramble sequences as controls .

    用Hamilton微量注射器将反义核酸注射到小鼠的侧 脑室,并以注射生理盐水和随机序列核酸组作为对照。

  • Here we describe a ribbon of SVZ astrocytes lining the lateral ventricles of the adult human brain that proliferate in vivo and behave as multipotent progenitor cells in vitro .

    现在,研究人员在成年人 侧室壁上发现了一个有成为干细胞潜力的细胞带。

  • Methods Ventricular drainage was performed to 41 cases with interventricular hemorrhage caused by hypertension at the same time repetitious injections of urokinase into ventricles of brain were given and lumbar puncture was applied in the replacement of cerebrospinal fluid .

    方法对41例高血压脑出血 脑室患者,通过颅骨钻孔,脑室外引流并辅以尿激酶 室内反复注射、腰椎穿刺术置换脑脊液治疗,观察治疗效果。

  • Objective Probe into the patient of internal hemorrhage of whole ventricles of the brain take pairs of side ventricles of the brain physiological saline develop nursing measure of drainage continuously .

    目的探讨全 室内出血患者采取双侧侧 脑室生理盐水持续冲洗引流的护理措施。

  • Conclusion Draining blood clots out of ventricles must be conducted as early as possible in order to relieve the pressure against ventricle walls thereby ameliorating microcirculation of the brain and cerebrospinal fluid circulation and improving the prognosis .

    结论尽早 室外引流解除血肿对脑室壁压迫,改善 微循环与脑脊液循环是脑室内出血救治成功的关键;

  • Objective Probe into the treatment method that the ventricles of the brain infect .

    目的探讨 脑室感染的治疗方法。

  • Objective To study the local use of gene recombinant streptokinase ( r sk ) in the treatment of hypertensive cerebral hematoma broken into ventricles of the brain .

    目的讨论基因重组链激酶在治疗高血压脑出血破入 脑室 作用

  • Conclusion Cerebral membrance fibrin penetration adhesion and senile stenosis of ventricles of the brain result to hydrocephalus .

    结论脑膜纤维蛋白渗出、粘连与老年性 脑室 变窄是造成 积水的主要因素。

  • CT Measurement of the Lateral Ventricles of the Brain in

    精神 分裂 脑室 大小的CT测量分析

  • Objective To report treatment of 21 cases of encephalic infection by perfusing Fu Daxin into ventricles of brain .

    目的报告应用 脑室内灌注复 达欣治疗严重颅内感染21例。

  • Treatment of Encephalic Infection by Perfusing Fu Daxin into Ventricles of Brain

    脑室 达欣灌注治疗颅内感染

  • Methods Puncture was operated and tube was placed in former cornu of ventricles of brain . Fu Daxin was perfused into ventricles of brain which associated with brain of cerebrospinal fluid by lumbar puncture .

    方法床边锥颅侧脑室前角穿刺置管,复 达欣灌注,结合腰穿脑脊液引流法。

  • Ten of them were dead and the mortality rate was 6.58 % . Follow up of 125 cases ranged 6 months to 3 years and it was found 48 cases were with cerebral softening 10 of whom had communicated ventricles of brain and 5 had tramatic epilepsy .

    142例存活,其中125例随访6月至3年,48例有脑软化灶,其中10例与同 脑室相通,5例确诊为外伤性癫痫。10例死亡,病死率6.58%。

  • The main lesion was found in the meninges otherwise brain parenchyma cerebellum brainstem ventricles of the brain blood vessel of brain and spinal cord also were impaired .

    尸检发现以脑膜病变为主,大脑实质、小脑、脑干、 脑室 脑血管和脊髓均有病变。

  • Results The result of ventricles of the brain note medicine combine antibiotic use is obvious than alone antibiotic use As a result there is a statistics meaning .

    结果 脑室注药并全身抗生素应用较单独全身抗生素应用效果明显,有统计学意义。