vested capital

[ˈvɛstɪd ˈkæpɪtl][ˈvestid ˈkæpitl]


  • Mixed-ownership enterprises will be allowed to utilize employee stock ownership to form a vested community of capital owners and workers .

    允许混合所有制经济实行企业员工持股,形成 资本所有者和劳动者 利益共同体。

  • Under the vested economic technological and institutional environments any capital ownership forms adaptive to as above may be effective only if the assignment of firm ownership is appropriate .

    既定的经济技术和制度环境下,只要企业所有权安排得当,任何 与其经济技术和制度环境相适应的 资本所有制形式都是可以有效的。