vibration meter

[vaɪˈbreʃən ˈmitɚ][vaɪˈbreɪʃən ˈmi:tə]


  • The measurement principle and adjustment of the torsional vibration meter type 2523 were introduced . In the practical application we analyzed the reason of producing the error and the method to reduce the error .

    叙述2523型激光扭 的工作原理及调整,分析该仪器在应用中误差产生的原因及减少误差的方法。

  • Application of VNT Vibration Noise Detection Meter to Noise Measurement for Electric Machine

    VNT 振动噪声检测 在电机噪声测量中的应用

  • We measured the amplitude of the tuning fork by laser time-averaged holographic interferometry and the frequency by Vibration Meter Type & 2511 and observed the vibration mode with photoelectric scanning method .

    我们尝试了用音叉作为一个简单的空间频率调制器,用时间平均全息干涉法测量了 音叉 振幅,并测量了它的频率,用光电扫描法观测了其振动模式。

  • In the industrial production the shock problem often causes a huge vibration and noise . In severe it can burst tubes and make damage to the meter and seals . It is a serious threat to production safety .

    这种冲击严重时会使管子爆裂,损坏 仪表和密封装置并产生很大的 振动和噪声,严重威胁生产安全。

  • An explosion vibration parameter meter - model 702 detector and the proper measuring method are described in this paper .

    本文主要介绍了一种爆炸 振动测量 &702型 器及其测试方法。

  • The system is continuous improved based on analysis of experimental data which verifies the acceleration sensor can reduce the interference of body vibration . Ultimately we make this vehicle-mounted laser roughness meter which can meet the needs of the actual test .

    在对实验数据分析处理的基础上,不断的对系统进行改进、调优,证明了加速度传感能够很好的降低车体 振动的干扰,并最终实现了能够满足实际测试需要的车载式激光平整度

  • The dynamic vibration information is gained from acceleration meter and then by FFT analysis the frequency information of vibration is used as the training specimen of neural network .

    首先利用测振 传感器获得 转子 振动信息,然后用FFT分析,将振动信号的频谱分析作为神经网络的训练样本。

  • Analysis and Calculation of Portable Vibration Meter and Its Debugging Methods

    便携式 测振 的分析计算及调试方法

  • Adjustment Application and Error Analyzing of the Torsional Vibration Meter

    激光扭 调整、应用与误差分析

  • The measurement error of Coriolis mass flow meter is based on the vibration characteristics of the elastic tube of flow meter .

    弹性 测量管的 振动特性决定了科氏质量 流量计的测量精度。

  • A Multifunction Pocket Vibration Meter Based on Microcomputer

    带微型计算机的多功能袖珍 测振

  • Ultraprecision non-contact capacitance vibration and displacement meter

    超精密电容不接触式 振动&位移 测量

  • By use of pocket DD vibration meter both filed balancing of shafting of new unit and field balancing of unit with vibration troubles after operation for some time can be conducted .

    用袖珍数显 测振 可以对新安装机组进行轴系平衡,也可以对运行一段时间发生振动故障的机组进行现场平衡。

  • First wavelet packets is used to resolve the dynamic vibration signals the energy in different frequency band which is used as features vector of rolling bearing is extracted from dynamic vibration signals of rolling bearing gained from acceleration meter .

    首先利用小波包对滚动轴承的 振动 加速度信号进行分解,得到滚动轴承动态信号在不同频带的能量,并以此作为滚动轴承的特征向量;

  • Based on the introduction of the vibration meter developed by ourselves this paper carries out analysis and calculation on the principles and circuits .

    在介绍 研的 测振 的基础上,对 测振 的原理和线路进行了分析和计算。