• Are we sure there 's only one vial ?

    我们确定只有一个 试管么?

  • I keep a vial of her blood in my freezer .

    我在冰柜里存着一 小瓶她的血样。

  • I gave him a vial of pills your honor .

    我给了他一 小瓶药,法官阁下。

  • A trophy from every victim I can steal a piece of your soul keep your life in a vial you are in debt to me .

    每次 瞄准了猎物,都会留下我的战利品我偷走了你灵魂的一部分将你的生命 注入 水瓶你, 亏欠了我。

  • If cytology is indeterminate or positive the vial is retrieved and tested for additional molecular alterations .

    如果细胞学为不确定或阳性, 标本 保留且对其进行 分子学检测。

  • Here is a vial of polio vaccine .

    这是一 小瓶脊髓灰质炎疫苗。

  • And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast ;

    第五位天使把 倒在兽的座位上,兽的国就 黑暗了。

  • Our main products can be divide to craft bottle perfume bottle medicine bottle handmade vial and bells .

    主要产品可分为工艺瓶、香水瓶医药瓶、 试管、手工 及风铃。

  • I want every vial packed and ready for shipment as soon as possible .

    尽快把 这些 药物准备好以备装运。

  • Packing : 0.36g per vial 6 vials per box .

    包装:每瓶重零点 三六克,每盒六瓶。

  • Apply one vial of IRS at night after cleansing and toning for 14 consecutive days .

    在晚间,卸妆、清洁及使用调肤水后,一次使用一 IRS,连续使用14天。

  • Essences are made by combining several ingredients and pouring the mixture into a glass vial .

    香精由很多种成分混合倒在小玻璃 组成。

  • Use your Trowel with the barrels next to the tent and then use a Vial with it to fill it with Undefined Liquid .

    用你们镘与桶旁的帐篷里,然后用一 小瓶与它填补它未定义的液体。

  • Bacterial and fungal contaminants which may be introduced during repeated use of a multi-dose vial would have an opportunity to grow in the partially-used vials .

    多剂量 重复使用过程中可能带入的细菌和真菌污染物将会有机会在没有用完的瓶中生长。

  • To tackle that Schrodinger imagined a cat in a box with a radioactive particle and a Geiger counter attach to a vial of poison .

    为了进一步说明,薛定谔假设一只猫、一个放射性粒子同在一个盒子里,盒子里有一个连接着毒气罐的 盖革计数器。

  • What was in the vial ?

    小瓶 了什么?

  • After English rider Tom Simpson collapsed and died during the 1967 Tour de France amphetamines were found both in his bloodstream and in a vial tucked inside his jersey .

    此后,英国自行车手TomSimpson在1967年的环法比赛上死亡,在他的血液和塞在运动衣的 小瓶 也都发现了安非他命。

  • Alvers planted a vial in the ventilation system .


  • A small vial or container with a little water in it is one way of showing how much blood will be withdrawn .

    一个小 瓶子或装上少量水的容器是一种显示多少血将被抽的方法。

  • Each memory he procures is carefully labeled and stored in a glass vial including his own earliest recollections .

    邓布利多每搜寻到一个记忆,就小心地贴上标签,然后储存在一个 玻璃 瓶中,这其中包括了他早期的搜寻。

  • Main product are : Injections vial stopper Infusion bottle stopper Freeze drying stopper Oral stopper and Lines etc.

    主要产品有: 抗生素无菌粉针 瓶塞、输液类胶塞、冻干类瓶塞、口服液瓶塞及垫片等系列。

  • We supply fully automatic capsule filling and closing machine liquid vial filling line and filling and sealing machine for pre-sterilized syringes for the Pharmaceutical industry .

    我们为医药行业提供了高质量全自动胶囊填充机、西林 灌装生产线和注射器灌装机等。

  • There are some manufacturers that market multiple strengths vial sizes and have different batch sizes .

    一些生产商销售不同浓度,不同 瓶子尺寸,不同批量大小的产品。

  • Objective : To evaluate the efficacy and safety of adriamycin injection and adriamycin vial for injection .

    目的:评价 水剂阿霉素与 粉剂阿霉素在临床疗效和安全性方面的 差异

  • It used to be my cocaine vial .

    这是我 以前 可卡因的 瓶子

  • The utility model belongs to a sealing device and relates particularly to a silica gel cap used for sealing the nozzle of a tube vial in the burning process of the tube vial .

    本实用新型属于密封装置,具体涉及一种应用于管制瓶烧制过程中密封管制 管口的硅胶帽。

  • But the search was net thorough Himmler kepthis vial of potassium cyanide concealed in a cavity of his gums .

    但是搜查不够彻底。 希姆莱将氰化钾胶囊藏在他牙龈的一个小洞里。

  • Or from the vial of stuff tossed in my room ?

    还是我屋里那 东西?

  • Take thou this vial being then in bed .

    把这 拿去,当你在床上时。

  • He handed Reitsch a vial of poison for herself and one for greim .

    他给莱契一 毒药,另一瓶叫她给格莱姆。