table transform

[ˈtebəl trænsˈfɔrm][ˈteibl trænsˈfɔ:m]


  • Research of Table Characters Recognition Based on Hough Transform and Neural Network

    基于Hough 变换的神经网络 表格字符识别技术的研究

  • In order to analyse their software systems the fundamental methods of disassembling are discussed i. e. the direct generating method and the table look-up transform method and pro-posed the concept of basic code about the instruction object code .

    为分析Z280MPU系统软件,本文论述了反汇编的基本方法&直接生成法和查 转换法,给出了指令目标代码基本码的概念。

  • Upon insertion of the highlighted record in table wells the insert trigger calls the point constructor and the transform function .

    在“wells” 中插入突出显示的记录时,插入触发器调用点构造函数和 转换函数。

  • For example there is a stage to read from a database table a stage to join data a stage to transform input data a stage to clean data and more .

    例如,有一个阶段是读取数据库 ,一个阶段连接数据,一个阶段 转换输入数据,一个阶段清理数据,等等。

  • Based on the construction of message mapping table the paper analyzes in detail how to transform the type of a pointer which points to a message processing function with data types of structure enum and share .

    深入剖析了如何通过创建消息映射 ,利用结构、枚举和共用三种构造数据类型来 实现消息处理函数指针类型的 转换

  • First we will create a scalar transform function named ADDRESS_TRANSFORM using the CREATE FUNCTION ( SQL Scalar Table or Row ) statement .

    首先,我们将使用CREATEFUNCTION(SQL ScalarTable或Row)语句,创建一个名为 ADDRESS TRANSFORM的标量转换函数。

  • Some additional results for the table of the Laplace transform

    Laplace 变换 的某些补充结果

  • Aiming at the generation of abnormality random sequence in simulating process this paper presents the random vector method and table lookup method to make the zero-memory nonlinear transform .

    针对仿真过程中非正态随机序列的产生,提出用随机向量法和 表法进行零记忆非线性 变换

  • LSI Implementation of ROM Look-up Table Based Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform for HDTV Decoder

    可用于HDTV解码器的基于ROM查找 IDCT电路大规模集成电路实现

  • But to perform querying on the subject If the information that you want to query on one subject to make table joining table automatically according to transform of the subject to achieve query update operation more efficient and convenient .

    而在主题的级别执行操作,如果所要查询的信息在同一个主题里,则通过主题 消解使 的连接自动 完成,实现查询、更新等操作更加高效、便利。

  • Check your graphics software table of contents or index for resize size transform reduce or enlarge all synonyms for the for the same thing .

    查看你的图形软件包 的内容或者索引上的重新调整,尺寸大小, 改变,缩小,或者放大,所有的标志都指着同样的事。

  • This paper presented an ROM look-up table ( LUT ) based inverse discrete cosine transform ( IDCT ) algorithm and its LSI implementation having parallel architecture .

    介绍了采用基于ROM查找 的全数字反离散余弦 变换(IDCT)电路的算法原理及其并行架构的大规模集成电路实现。

  • The Taiyuan city electricity distribution network in urban regions in a one-household-one table with the construction of the project is to transform the current City network construction as a major issue .

    城市配电网中用电区域1户1 工程的建设与 改造是当前城网建设中的1个重点。

  • This staging table can reside for example at an ODS ( Operational Data Store ) where other data needed for the transform job may also be gathered .

    该分级 可以驻留在如ODS(OperationalDataStore)上,在这里保存有 转换作业所需的其他数据。