table sugar

[ˈtebəl ˈʃʊɡɚ][ˈteibl ˈʃuɡə]


  • Fructose and glucose are the components of the disaccharide sucrose ( table sugar );

    果糖和葡萄糖均为 蔗糖的组分。

  • On the long table were rosy apples and chunks of maple sugar .

    长桌 着红红的苹果和大块的械

  • She set upon the table potatoes and sprouts and onions and oranges and lemons and eggs and gelatine and sugar and very much else besides .

    她在 餐桌 摆好了土豆、笋、洋葱、橘子、柠檬、鸡蛋、果冻、 ,此外还有许多其他的东西。

  • It doesn 't matter whether the sugar comes from internal ( from glycogen ) or ingested sources ( table sugar ) insulin is released to counteract it .

    不管 糖分是来自体内的 糖元还是从食物中吸收,身体会分泌胰岛素来减少它。

  • The first table is a fruit such as wide orange sugar cane implies a vast source of wealth life sweet ;

    是果品如广橘、 甘蔗,寓意财路广阔,生活甜蜜;

  • Honey is also high in calories - more than table sugar .

    另外,蜂蜜的卡路里含量也高于 蔗糖

  • When milk was adulterated with table salt and sugar the protein and total solids of the milk increased significantly but the fat content was normal as revealed by ultrasonic-milk-analyzer .

    对于加 食盐,超声乳成份分析仪的蛋白质含量和固形物含量会显著上升,而脂肪下降不明显。对于 食糖,超声乳成份分析仪的蛋白含量和固形物含量会明显上升。

  • Other mice drank plain water or water supplemented with glucose or with ordinary table sugar .

    其他小鼠则喝白水,或者添加了葡萄糖或普通 食糖的水。

  • Refined table sugar ( sucrose ) is processed in our bodies by insulin which is produced by the pancreas .

    在我们体内的 蔗糖是由胰腺分泌的胰岛素来 分解的。

  • Effect of applying ultrasonic-milk-analyzer for detecting composition of cow milk adulterated with table salt and sugar

    超声乳成份分析仪对牛乳掺 的检测效果

  • The estimates for income transfers quoted in the table are exaggerated to the extent that the Sugar Protocol reduces the world price .

    鉴于 食糖议定书压低了国际价格,故 中列出的收入转移估价数有所夸大。

  • Scientists aren 't sure but they do know that it interferes with the enzymes that break apart the chemical bonds in starches and the kinds of sugars found in table sugar and milk .

    科学家不能肯定,但他们的确知道,醋酸干扰使淀粉和在 蔗糖和牛奶中发现的一些种类的糖的化学键断裂的一些酶。

  • These are little yams unlike the larger varieties and they are simply boiled peeled at table and dipped in caster sugar as a snack .

    芋头是一种小型薯类。不同于那些体形稍大的薯类,人们只是简单地将他们放在锅里煮熟, 后去皮,然后蘸着 砂糖作为零食食用。

  • Sucrose table sugar is a disaccharide composed of one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose .

    蔗糖, 砂糖是由一个葡萄糖分子和一个果糖分子组成的二糖。

  • Acidic table wines may contain some residual sugar to balance the palate .

    进餐时喝的略酸的淡葡萄酒可能含有一些残余 糖分来平衡味觉。