table structure

[ˈtebəl ˈstrʌktʃɚ][ˈteibl ˈstrʌktʃə]


  • OIL Configurator Design Based on Generalized Table Structure

    基于广义 结构的OIL配置器设计

  • Knowledge Management Framework of Business Process Based on Dimensional Table Structure

    基于维 结构的业务流程知识管理框架

  • Cannot modify table structure . Another user has the table open

    不能修改 数据 结构。另一用户已打开此数据表

  • Only create the table structure ; don 't upsize any data .

    只创建 结构;不升迁任何数据。

  • But in the sample here the table structure is different and you have to adjust the SQL query .

    但是在这里的示例程序中, 结构是不同的,并且您需要修改SQL查询语句。

  • You can add grouping and sorting to arrange data within the table structure .

    可以添加分组和排序功能,从而 对表 结构中的数据进行排列。

  • You need to take care of more complicated cases that span more than one table structure on the source by using mapping groups .

    你需要关注更多复杂的情形,它们使用映射组来存放更多的 结构

  • Working with DEL files with EXPORT IMPORT or LOAD is usually a bit more complex comparing with IXF files because DEL is a text format without metadata ( table structure ) .

    与IXF文件相比,用EXPORT、IMPORT或LOAD处理DEL文件往往比较复杂,因为DEL是一种文本格式,不包含元数据( 结构)。

  • No table structure is as easy as HTML when you are building PDF files .

    在构建PDF文件时,构建无 结构就像构建HTML一样简单。

  • This article describes the principle of full text retrieval system analysis of word-based index of the table structure methods and the establishment of the index database .

    阐述了全文检索系统的原理,分析了基于 字表 结构的索引 组织方法和索引库的建立。

  • Research of Web Information Extraction Based on Table Structure

    基于 表格 结构的Web信息提取技术研究

  • The extractor operator will extract the association rules form the PMML model created by the Associations operator and provides them in a relational table structure .

    这个提取器操作符能从PMML模型(由Associations操作符创建)提取关联规则并通过关系 结构提供这些规则。

  • Overall design of instrument for table structure novel design reasonable structure convenient use .

    仪器整体设计为 台式 结构,设计新颖,结构合理,使用方便。

  • Then a new table structure to store the raster data is put forward so that the methods for the erosion-deposition prediction are discussed initially to improve the work efficiency .

    然后提出一种新的存储栅格数据的 结构,对河道的冲淤预测方法进行了初步地探讨,为快速有效地分析河道冲淤规律奠定了基础。

  • Create an upgrade function if a new version of your plugin needs to have a different table structure .

    如果你的插件的新版本需要不同的 表格 结构,创建升级函数。

  • A new database table structure which stores a string of sampling data as binary data into a record is presented to improve earthquake precursor data access speed .

    为提高地震前兆数据库的存取效率,提出了一种把一串观测数据以二进制存储为一个记录的新的数据库 结构

  • Where IXF is a binary format that contains not only the data but also information about the corresponding table structure .

    IXF是一种二进制格式,不但包含数据,还包含对应 结构的信息。

  • Beyond Lua 's simple syntax and powerful table structure Lua 's real power is evident when mixing it with a host language .

    除了语法简单并且具有功能强大的 结构之外,Lua的强大功能使其可以与宿主语言混合使用。

  • Lots of unregulated table structure information currently come to be the unavoidable issue of Web information extraction .

    大量的不规范 结构信息是当前Web信息提取所必须解决的问题。

  • The table structure might change from one release to the next .

    从一个版本升级到下一个版本时可能会更改 结构

  • This is in contrast to previous RDBs which usually stored XML data by fitting it into a specified table structure and simply handling the data as a large character string .

    这是之前的RDB无法做到的,RDB一般是通过将XML数据放进特定的 结构中来存储XML数据,而且只是简单地将数据作为大型字符串来处理。

  • In most cases only fields from one table are selected and a structure of the database table structure type can be used as a target structure .

    在大多数情况下,只从一个表选择字段,可以使用数据库 结构类型的结构作为目标结构。

  • You upload a JEE-based EAR or WAR that contains your code artifacts and a database schema that describes the table structure expected by the code .

    上传一个基于JEE的EAR或WAR,该文件中包含您的代码构件和描述该代码所预期的 结构的数据库架构。

  • Now we must create the table structure in the database which also wipes out the existing tables and data ( if there 's any ) and start from scratch .

    现在我们必须在数据库中创建 结构,这也会清除现有表和数据(如果有的话),并从头开始。

  • This data definition file is a tab-separated text file with a.ttx file extension ( TTX ) that is an outline of a table structure .

    该数据定义文件是一个以.ttx为扩展名的、有标记界限的文本文件,良好地展现了 结构

  • To view the table structure you created enter the following command

    要查看您创建的 结构,请输入下面的命令

  • In theory there is only a certain level of loose coupling that SQL and RDBMS can cope with before table structure reorganization must occur .

    在理论上,在必须执行 结构重组之前,SQL和RDBMS只能处理某种程度的松散耦合。

  • As soon as you exceed that limit you must add a new group of columns to the table structure which is a major administrative task .

    超过了这个上限后,就必须向 结构中添加一组新列,而这是一项主要的管理任务。

  • Errors or warnings relating to anything but the basic table structure can be ignored .

    除了涉及基 结构的错误或警告之外,其他错误或警告可以忽略。

  • In addition by using an industry standard star schema rather than a more normalized table structure the data warehouse is optimized for efficient queries and quick response times .

    此外,通过使用行业标准的“星型模式”(starschema)而不是更规范化的 结构,数据仓库经过了优化以实现高效的查询和快速的响应时间。