table processing

[计] 表处理

  • Dynamics of chlorpyrifos residues in spinach was studied from farm to table and home processing including washing blanching and color preserving in the present study .

    本文研究了毒死蜱从田间菠菜到消费者 餐桌的全程变化情况,以及水洗、漂烫和冷却等家庭 操作对农药残留的影响;

  • Based on the results of 1-3 w_495 this paper mainly studies the computing procedure and program chart for the gun firing table data processing algorithms .

    本文是文献〔1&3〕的继续,主要研究火炮射 数据 处理算法的计算步骤和程序设计框图。

  • One Variety of Statistical Table Images Segmentation and Processing

    一类 表格图象的分割及 处理

  • An Optimization Problem in Gun Firing Table Data Processing

    火炮射 数据 处理中的优化问题

  • After data being sampled by high-speed AD and transferred to PC we can obtain the relevant time-domain and frequency-domain characteristics of the angular rate of electrical vibration table by digital processing which is used under the different vibration mode .

    数据经高速AD采样后送入 计算机,通过分析即可获得电振动 在各种振动模式下角速率时域频域特性。

  • If you are using a condensed CCD table when processing a delete the existing row is updated and the IBMQREP_OPERATION column is set to 'D ' .

    如果您在使用一个压缩CCD ,那么在 处理delete操作时,现有的行将被更新,而IBMQREPOPERATION列将被设为‘D’。

  • The Program of Gun Firing Table Data Processing and Its Direction For Use

    火炮射 数据 处理程序及使用说明

  • Review on Graph and Table Processing Theories

    图表 加工的理论模型

  • The simulation strategy that this procedure adopts is the event scheduling . Therefore the main work focuses on dealing with the event table and processing the corresponding subprograms .

    本程序采用的仿真策略是事件调度法,故主要的工作就是围绕着事件 进行并 处理相应的子程序。

  • As to the computer-aided electric motor design curve and table processing remains the most prominent problem .

    在计算机辅助电机设计中,编程上最突出的问题是曲线和 图表 处理

  • A System of Table Line Processing that Base on the One & way and Quasi Connection

    单向准连通的 表格线 检测算法

  • Design and Realization of Automatic Performance Evaluation of Table Processing

    表格 图像 处理自动评测的设计与实现

  • With connection to the proposed database table the processing methods and techniques for normalization ranking and inquiry on fuzzy information are also discussed .

    结合所提出的数据库 ,探讨了模糊数据的归一化、排序、查询等 处理方法与技术。

  • Graph and table processing refer to human cognitive processing of information in graph and table .

    图表 加工是指人们对图表所呈现信息的认知加工。

  • Automated Table Processing Based on Vision

    基于视觉的 表格自动 识别 方法

  • Generalized Chinese character table processing system

    汉字通用 表格 处理系统

  • The system is composed of four sub-systems of setting up order brief table processing car dynamic management and interface treatment .

    系统由命令编制、简况 处理、车辆动态管理、分界口处理四个子系统构成。

  • Using Timeout Table Processing the Problem of Precaution Cheat by Exchanging the Transit Card in Toll System

    利用超时 解决收费系统中的换卡作弊问题

  • These techniques are used in effectively saving storage space for remarks fields in database table and speeding up processing of remarks fields therefore are very useful for development of large database .

    运用这些技术能有效节省数据库 备注字段的存储空间,能有效提高备注字段的 处理速度,对大型数据库的开发是非常有实用价值的。

  • Researches in several relative problems for gun firing table data processing

    火炮射 数据 处理中几个有关问题的讨论

  • In the 4th chapter specifies the whole design of Flow Module on Control panel and the implementation of the three submodules of Flow table initiation Flow table management and Messages processing in detail .

    第四章详细介绍了防火墙中流模块的总体设计方案以及流模块初始化、流 控制管理和消息 处理三个子模块的实现。

  • Application of chain codes table and line segment table in computer image processing

    链码表和线段 在计算机图像 处理中的应用

  • Some basic ideas in workflow management derive from inchoate Office Automation Document Management Table Sheet Processing and so on .

    有关工作流管理的一些基本思想源自早期的办公自动化、文档管理、 表单 处理等领域。

  • As for skew correction this paper introduces a new form-line detection method based on directional projection . A System of Table Line Processing that Base on the One & way and Quasi Connection

    对于图像的倾斜校正,我们提出了基于方向投影的 表格线 检测方法,并由此实现图像的自动分类;单向准连通的表格线检测算法

  • Table Mountain Processing Technique of High-Grade Almond Yoghurt

    山杏仁 蕨菜罐头的 工艺技术研究高级杏仁酸乳的研制

  • In addition this thesis designs the data structure and the structure of database table to facilitate parallel processing .

    此外,本文设计了便于航班信息并行 处理的数据结构和数据库 结构。

  • Study on Rough Set Theory and Its Application in Information Table Processing

    粗糙集理论及其对信息 处理中的若干问题研究

  • The following table describes the processing settings that are available for use when you create a process operation .

    说明在创建处理操作时可以使用的 处理设置。

  • With the development and widespread use of high precision linear rolling guide especially in the driving work table and processing center of CNC machine tools it is necessary to compute theoretically different parameters for such kind of machine tools .

    随着精密滚动直线导轨的开发和推广,特别是在数控机床驱动工作 加工中心得以广泛运用,有关该类组合体的各种性能的理论计算成为极其必要。

  • The Computing Procedure and Program Chart for Gun Firing Table Data Processing

    火炮射 数据 处理计算步骤和程序框图