tank car


  • Study on Structure of Heating System for Railway Viscous Oil Tank Car

    铁路粘油 罐车加热系统结构研究

  • Selection and Design of Equipment for Tank Car Washing of Urumqi West Depot

    乌鲁木齐西车辆段洗 所设备选型设计

  • Development and distribution of natural gas hydrate in the Okinawa trough Discussion on the Structure of Wave Preventer for LPG Tank Car

    冲绳海槽天然气水合物的发育与分布液化石油气 汽车 槽车防波板结构探讨

  • Problems and Countermeasures in Reforms Process of Safe Accessories of Liquefied Gas Railway Tank Car

    液化气体铁路 罐车安全附件改造过程中存在的问题与对策

  • Design and application of the automatic loading control system for pressure tank car

    承压 汽运 罐车充装自动控制系统的设计及应用

  • Simultaneous Determination of Lead and Mercury in PVC by Sealing Digestion AFS-230E hermetically sealed tank car

    高压密封 消解双光道原子荧光光谱同时测定PVC中铅和汞的方法研究

  • The enemy tank car caught fire and set off a chain of explosions .

    敌人的 油车着了火,引起了一连串的爆炸。

  • Feasibility study of dry ice jet technology for tank car cleaning

    采用干冰喷射技术清洗 槽车的可行性研究

  • The utility model fills the blank of the special tank car for transporting the bulk dry-mixed mortar in China .

    填补了国内干混砂浆无散装运输专用 罐车的空白。

  • Top filling of tank car compensating master cylinder

    铁路 槽车顶部装 带补偿 的主油缸

  • It is indicated that the system realizes the basic functions needed in hazardous chemical tank car .

    考核结果表明,该系统基本达到了在运输危险化学品 / 槽车上的使用要求。

  • Design and Realization of Automatic Verification Facility for Oil Tank Car Capacity

    汽车 油罐 容量自动检定装置的设计与实现

  • The big bridge of three-dimensional model in the torpedo type molten iron tank car was established and its main structure the load strength stiffness was analyzed with FEM .

    通过对某大型鱼雷式铁水 罐车大桥 建立了三维模型,对其主要结构、受力、强度、刚度进行了有限元分析。

  • Discussion on the Structure of Wave Preventer for LPG Tank Car

    液化石油气 汽车 槽车防波板结构探讨

  • Described are the main features technical parameters main structure and test results of the diesel oil tank car exported to Australia .

    介绍了出口澳大利亚柴油 罐车的主要特点、技术参数、主要结构及试验结果。

  • Simulation-based Optimization of Loading-unloading Strategies in Railway Container Terminal top filling of tank car

    基于仿真的铁路集装箱装卸策略优化铁路油 槽车顶部装

  • The paper developed a real-time monitor system which was used on LPG ( Liquified Petroleum Gas ) and LNG ( Liquified Natural Gas ) tank car .

    本文以液化石油气(LPG,LiquifiedPetroleumGas) 和液化天然气(LNG,LiquifiedNaturalGas) 槽车为对象,研制了一种实时监测系统。

  • Anhydrous butter oil top filling of tank car

    无水奶油黄油w_1020,重制奶油铁路 槽车顶部装油

  • Gravity-discharge chute top filling of tank car

    自流式卸料槽管w_858,重力滑槽铁路油 槽车顶部装

  • Design of Liquid Amm onia Road Tanker For the past few years the occurrences of liquid chlorine tank car transport accidents are very frequent and take great bad impact to the society and the environment .

    试论液氨汽车罐车的罐体纵梁结构的改进设计近年来,液氯 罐车公路运输事故频发,对社会及环境造成了极大负面影响。

  • Design and Execution of Tank Car Ration Filling System in LPG Station

    液化气站 槽车定量灌装系统的设计与实现

  • Wagon transporter top filling of tank car

    转运铁路货车的多轮式公路牵引 铁路 槽车顶部装

  • Each kind of model flow indicator tank car pump ;

    各种型号流量表, 槽车泵;

  • In this article the design of train tank car for liquefied petroleum gas is discussed .

    论述了液化石油气铁道 罐车的设计。

  • It also guarantees the accuracy of experimental data of railroad tank car valves improves the overhaul quality and thus ensures the traffic safety and reduces worker 's labor intensity .

    保证了铁路 罐车阀类试验数据的准确性,提高了检修质量,从而保障了行车安全,减轻了工人的劳动强度。

  • Described are the structure performance features and test of the GF_ ( 18K ) cement tank car .

    介绍了GF18K型水泥 罐车的结构、性能、特点及试验情况。

  • Application of FTA on Railway Dangerous Goods Tank Car Transport

    FTA在铁路危险货物 罐车运输中的应用

  • Study on Risk Assessment of Tank Car Highway Transportation for Toxic Gases

    毒性气体公路 罐车运输危险性辨识及风险评价研究

  • Hermetically sealed tank car coupling device for trailers or animal-drawn vehicles

    密封式 罐车(装运水泥等用)挂车或畜拉 连接装置