tangible evidence

[ˈtændʒəbəl ˈɛvɪdəns][ˈtændʒəbl ˈevidəns]

[法] 实物证据

  • Therefore most people will seek tangible evidence that the merchant making the offer can and will deliver on it .

    因此大多数消费者会寻找 具体 证据,证明商品的宣传所言不虚。

  • Primarily the focus is on tangible evidence of progress e.g.tested executables rather than the production of documents .

    基本上,我们应该精 将焦点放到过程中的那些 切实 产物,例如通过测试的执行程序,而不是文档产物。

  • You can 't deny because we have tangible evidence .

    你无法否认,因为我们有 确凿 证据

  • We need tangible evidence if we 're going to take legal action .

    如果我们要采取法律行动,需要 实在在的 证据

  • China 's high-quality red wine market also provides tangible evidence of the growth in private consumption of luxury goods .

    中国高档红酒市场同样也是个人奢侈品消费增长的 切实 证据

  • This is continuing tangible evidence of AIG 's progress in repaying the American taxpayers said Robert Benmosche AIG President and CEO .

    “在偿还美国纳税人贷款的过程中,美国国际集团将继续 提供 切实 证据”,美国国际集团的董事长和总裁罗伯特本默切说到。

  • But as to the tangible evidence derivates from verbal evidence which are collected illegally whether it can be removed there is no stipulation in the criminal procedural law and relevant judicial explanation .

    但是,对于由这些非法收集的言词证据而派生出来的 实物 证据,非法收集的 实物 证据能不能予以排除,刑事诉讼法和相关的司法解释都没有规定。

  • There should be some tangible evidence that the economy is starting to recover

    应该有 明显 迹象 表明经济开始复苏了。

  • Really hard tangible evidence that you can 't take away .

    证据 确凿,你逃不了的。

  • Tangible evidence ; his brief time as Prime Minister brought few real benefits to the poor .

    真实 证据;他当总理的短暂时间几乎没有给穷人带来切实的利益。

  • The crime information contained on crime spot is very rich including not only the tangible material evidence of trace but also much potent hidden crime information .

    犯罪现场所寓含的犯罪信息十分丰富,除了那些 有形的痕迹 物证外,还包括很多潜在的隐性犯罪信息。

  • World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz will see first hand tangible evidence of the project when he visits Bauchi state during his trip to Nigeria .

    在尼日利亚宝池州访问期间,世界银行行长保罗.沃尔 福威茨将亲眼目睹该项目的 实际情况。

  • The handkerchief was tangible evidence that she had been in the room .

    那块手帕是 明确 证据,说明她去过那房间。

  • The Influence of Intangible Service on the Experience of Process Quality & Based on the Tangible Evidence of Service Enterprises

    无形服务对顾客体验过程质量的影响&一个基于服务型企业 有形 展示的研究

  • Tangible evidence that searched illegally detaining or other illegal methods obtained should be get rid of too setting up several exceptional situations at the same time .

    以非法搜查、扣押或其他非法方法获得的 实物 证据,也应原则排除,同时设立若干例外情形;

  • Expanding this point into a wider perspective this show is tangible evidence of the fluidity of international discourse now occurring in the ceramics field .

    本次的展览将此对话的?围扩大,成为目前浮现于陶艺界的国际论述流动的 实质 证据

  • The scientific evidence that is composed of tangible evidence and forensic authentication conclusion should play the most important role in the judicial proof .


  • With lot of tangible evidence of a very different new world .

    每个关于新世界的 故事都有着 确凿 证据

  • Broots do you have any tangible evidence of the stalker ?

    broots,你有没有跟踪者的 切实 证据

  • Despite this development because the case was not filed for investigation for over three months much tangible evidence of the crime probably already has been destroyed or vanished .

    尽管如此,由于三个多月没有立案,许多 有形的犯罪 证据有可能已经销毁流失。

  • These artifacts provide tangible evidence of faith in god .

    这些艺术品就是上帝信仰的 实体 证据

  • Fossils give us tangible evidence that dinosaurs really existed .

    化石给了我们恐龙确实存在的 确切 证据

  • Yet the world is still looking for tangible evidence that the US is genuinely committed to global economic recovery .

    然而,全世界仍在寻找美国由衷致力于全球经济复苏的 切实 证据