technical measures


  • Designing interface for each discipline and construction method and technical measures for interconnection .

    设计各专业的接口及相互衔接的施工方法和 技术 措施

  • The main drawbacks of garden virescence in Dongli lake area of Tianjin Binhai were analyzed the corresponding countermeasures and technical measures were also put forward .

    分析了天津滨海东丽湖地区园林绿化的主要障碍,并提出了相应的治理对策及主要 技术 措施

  • Having a sound and perfect management system for security of information and networks and the corresponding technical measures for security ;

    有健全、完善的信息网络安全管理制度和安全 技术 措施

  • Finding something inconsistent with the inspection basis but such inconformity can not be eliminated through technical measures .

    发现与检验依据不符,采取 技术 措施无法消除。

  • For the characteristics of collapsible loess the paper discussed technical measures of using chemical churning pile strengthening collapsible loess and analyzed its economical benefits .

    针对湿陷性黄土的特点,详细论述了采用旋喷桩对湿陷性黄土进行加固的 技术 措施,同时进行了效益分析。

  • Some technical measures to increase flow of water in the borehole are analyzed in the light of hydrogeology .

    同时,从水文地质学角度剖析了提高钻孔涌水量所能 采取 技术 措施

  • Article from the factors that affect the reliability start from a detailed organizational measures and technical measures to talk about two ways to improve power supply reliability .

    文章从影响供电可靠性的因素入手,详细地从组织措施和 技术 措施两方面谈提高供电可靠性的方法。

  • Reason was analyzed for affecting the production capacity in the large-sized chemical fertilizer plant of this company technical measures were introduced for the capacity expansion & reformation ;

    分析了锦天化大型化肥装置中影响产能的原因;介绍了扩能改造的 技术 措施

  • In particular the IAEA provided for a review and comparison of different options to achieve these aims including review of new technical measures to achieve proliferation resistance .

    特别是,原子能机构提供了审查和比较不同的方案实现这些目标,其中包括新的 技术 措施进行检讨,以达到抗扩散。

  • Based on the analysis of the present situation problem develop-mental potential and advantages the technical measures and advices in policies in the further development of Chinese flower industry were put forward .

    本文在分析我国花卉产业的现状、问题和优势潜力的基础上,提出了进一步发展我国花卉产业的政策建议和 对策 措施

  • Through optimization of coring tools and bits and improving technical measures the coring footage of the well is18 .

    通过取心工具和钻头的优选、参数优化以及 技术 措施的强化,该井取心进尺18。

  • It expounds technical measures of the running attention of the circuit breaker .

    阐述了真空断路器运行维护的 技术 措施

  • Organize and examine the conformance of safety & technical measures or special construction scheme in construction organization design to compulsory standard of the project ;

    组织审查施工组织设计中的安全 技术 措施或专项施工方案是否符合工程强制性标准情况。

  • You may not use technical measures to obstruct or control the reading or further copying of the copies you make or distribute .

    你不可以对你制作或发布的副本进行 技术 处理以妨碍或控制阅读或再复制。

  • The effectiveness has been verified by applying those technical measures in Yizheng city of Jiangsu province .

    在江苏省仪征市供电公司的应用,验证了这些 技术 措施的有效性。

  • Technical Measures Ensuring Drinking Water in Switzerland : Detection Treatment and Protection

    瑞士饮用水安全保障 技术 措施:检测、处理与保护

  • Detailed construction safety technical measures must be incorporated into construction organization design and construction scheme .

    施工组织设计与施工方案必须编制详细的施工安全 技术 措施

  • Finally technical measures should be adopted to improve the system of the Line of Credit management .

    最后,该行应采取 技术 防范 措施,改善授信管理机制。

  • To supervise and urge the trade administrative departments and the employer units to draw up and implement plans of technical measures for labor protection ;

    督促行业部门和用人单位编制、落实劳动保护 技术 措施计划;

  • This paper mainly analyses the security demands of the Wuhan Drainage Geographic Information system and puts forward a corresponding solution further more discusses some security technical measures .

    摘要分析了武汉市排水地理信息系统的安全需求,提出了相应的安全解决方案,探讨了部分安全 技术 措施

  • According to development of technical measures to trade Chinese export companies confront more difficulties in adding accordance cost .

    随着国外 技术性贸易 措施的不断演化,我国出口企业面临符合成本不断增加的困境。

  • This paper describes the technical measures taken to well cementing and on-site construction process .

    本文细致引见了该井固井采纳的 手艺 办法及现场施工工艺。

  • Some technical measures to increase the tunnelling efficiency are described with new ideas presented in conjunction with the particular cases .

    阐述了提高隧道工程施工效益的一系列 技术 措施,并结合工程实例提出了一些新的见解。

  • Based on the features of pure cotton of extra high count fabric this paper analyses the difficulties in weaving process and puts forward some technical measures in practice .

    根据纯棉特高支织物的特点,分析了织造工艺的难点,提出了在生产实践中应 采取 技术 措施

  • Together with other technical measures this makes the dual-clutch gearbox DSG significantly more efficient .

    用其他的 技术 衡量使DSG双离合变速箱更加引人注目的有效率。

  • Water-saving technical measures always have economic legal institutional and political aspects that must be considered as well .

    水保 技术 常常有经济,法制,机关与政治层面等,都需考量。

  • It described a number of technical measures utilized in HVAC for the project design and construction providing some reference for HVAC designers of green building .

    介绍了暖通专业在项目设计和施工运行中针对绿色建筑采取的一些 技术 措施。希望能为初涉绿色建筑的暖通设计人员提供一些参考。