technical innovation

[ˈtɛknɪkəl ˌɪnəˈveʃən][ˈteknikəl ˌɪnəuˈveiʃən]

[计] 技术发明,技术革新[经] 技术(工艺)革新

  • This paper mainly introduces the frequency control technique and technical innovation for large-type roof fan .

    简介了大型屋顶风机变频调速技术及 技术 创新性。

  • The production and technical innovation of materials will focus on improving the quality of traditional materials tackling their engineering problems and tapping their potentials .

    研究和解决传统材料的质量和工程问题,不断挖掘传统材料的潜力,将成为材料生产 技术 改造的重点。

  • Everyone offered suggestions for technical innovation .

    技术 革新中人人献计献策。

  • This technical innovation is instrumental in improving the qualities of our products .

    这项 技术 革新有助于改善我们的产品质量。

  • Study on the Paths for Enterprise 's Technical Innovation under the New Economic Environment

    新经济环境下企业 技术 创新的路径研究

  • He commenced on a technical innovation two years ago but has made no progress so far .

    两年前他着手进行一项 技术 革新,但迄今尚无任何进展。

  • QHSE ; Technical Innovation Model ; Evaluation Indicators System ;

    QHSE; 技术 创新模式;评价指标体系;

  • Technical innovation is instrumental in improving the qualities of products .

    技术 革新有助于提高产品的质量。

  • They have made great efforts in technical innovation and every one of them has shown his own art and skill just like the eight immortals soaring over the ocean .

    他们大搞 技术 革新,真是八仙过海,各显神通。

  • The paper introduces the transformation of Siemens hoister management system and its technical innovation is pointed out .

    本文介绍对西门子提升机管理系统的改造,指出了管理系统改造的 技术 创新点。

  • The paper focuses on the study of technical innovation and core competence and has an in-depth analysis of them .

    本文从分析核心竞争力入手,对企业核心竞争力和 技术 创新进行了探讨。

  • This important technical innovation has been read about and discussed everywhere .

    关于这一重大 技术 革新的报道,到处被人阅读和讨论。

  • Big ideas usually come from technical innovation or quality research and must leverage the company 's core strengths .

    大胆的想法总是来自 技术 革新或者质量调查,而且必须影响到公司的核心力量。

  • This vision Kytril will continue to carry out technical innovation and management innovation adhere to brand management strategy and international strategy development pattern .

    以此愿景,康泉将不断进行 技术 创新和管理创新,坚持品牌经营战略、以及国际化战略的发展格局。

  • To go in for technical innovation one must have the fearless spirit of a pathbreaker .

    技术 革新就要有一股不怕困难的闯劲。

  • Knowledge Transfer and Accumulation of Technical Innovation Capabilities in Technology Alliance

    技术联盟中的知识转移与 技术 创新能力积累

  • Our discussion today will centre on technical innovation . ; We 'll focus our discussion today on technical innovation .

    今天重点讨论 技术 革新问题。

  • The engineer suggested that we should raise out productivity through technical innovation .

    工程师建议我们通过 技术 革新提高生产率。

  • By the comparisons of certain relevant elements between technical innovation and core competence the ways of strengthening the core competence have been brought up that is the technical innovation .

    通过对 技术 创新和核心竞争力相关因素分析,提出企业能通过技术创新形成和提升自己的核心竞争力。

  • New partnerships and mechanisms are working to stimulate technical innovation and reward creativity .

    此外,新的伙伴关系和机制正在努力促进 技术 创新和奖励发明创造。

  • Basic research work was enhanced and new progress was achieved in national technical innovation .

    基础研究工作得到加强,国家 技术 创新取得新进展。

  • Which can make use of our enterprises and carry out technical innovation .

    能利用我国现有企业进行 技术 改造的;

  • As a result of the technical innovation the steelworkers got production up by twenty percent .

    由于进行了 技术 革新,钢铁工人把生产量提高了百分之二十。

  • There are all sorts of possibilities for technical innovation .

    技术 革新的门路很多。

  • This technical innovation will save us much time and labour .

    这项 技术 革新可以为我们节省大量的时间和劳力。

  • The power supply at the high potential of this device is a technical innovation .

    本装置中,高电位处的供电是一个重要的 技术 创新

  • This new implement is a product of the drive for technical innovation .

    这种新工具正是 技术 革新运动的产儿。

  • The technical innovation in industrial clusters can not be separated from the diffusion of technical innovation in enterprise .

    产业集群的 技术 创新与这些创新成果的扩散是分不开的。

  • His talent manifested itself through his technical innovation .

    他的才智在 技术 革新中显露出来。

  • Research on the Application of Technical Innovation Based on the Analysis of Core Patent

    基于核心专利分析对 技术 创新应用发展的研究