technical clause

[ˈtɛknɪkəl klɔz][ˈteknikəl klɔ:z]

[计] 技术条款

  • Daily expressions and technical terms are used frequently in legal text . Properly understanding of these words has a clear bearing on the application and conformity of law . Therefore legislators adopt definition clause to define the meaning of specific words in legal text .

    法律文本中经常使用一些日常用语、 技术用语,而对这些词语的准确理解,直接关系到法律的适用和遵守,因此,立法者在法律文本中都以定义 条款的方式来界定特定词语的含义。

  • As the restrictions on judicial interpretation of technical and clause itself there are different view-points on understanding the transactional bribery crime . It directly leads difficulties on understanding this kind of crime in judicial practice .

    由于司法解释 技术以及 条文文字本身等因素的限制,理论上对交易型受贿犯罪规定内容的理解存在诸多分歧,这也直接导致了司法实践中对该类犯罪的司法认定存在一定困难。

  • The following items shall be indelibly painted in English on the four adjacent sides of the surface of each package of Technical Documentation The contents of the certificates and materials listed in item 4 of the above clause shall be determined by the provincial-level tax authorities .

    每件 技术资料的包装封面上,应以英文标明下述内容: 上款第四项所列证件、资料的内容由省级税务机关确定。

  • Inspection shall be carried according to the quality requirement and technical standard specified in Clause two of this Contract .

    按照本合同 二条约定的质量要求及 技术标准。