• Administrative personnel should also acquire some technical skills .

    管理人员也应该学几 手艺。

  • The microphones went dead as if the technical gremlins had struck again .

    麦克风没有了声音,似乎小 妖怪又把设备弄坏了。

  • After some technical hitches the show finally got under way

    一些小 技术故障解决后,演出终于开始了。

  • The engineer and his son held frequent consultations concerning technical problems

    工程师和他的儿子经常就 技术问题互相征求意见。

  • This technical innovation will save us much time and labour .

    这项 技术革新可以为我们节省大量的时间和劳力。

  • They lacked the scientific personnel to develop the technical apparatus much further .

    他们缺少能够进一步研发这一 技术装置的科研人员。

  • In the realm of sculpture too the technical skill of foreign artists was long recognised .

    在雕塑领域,外国艺术家的 技艺也早已得到认可。

  • The aid comes under the rubric of technical co-operation between governments .

    这项援助归于政府间的 技术合作这一类别。

  • Technical skill is a fundamental basis for most if not all great art .


  • Don 't you think we should ask this young man some technical questions ?

    你不觉得我们应该向这位年轻人请教几个 技术问题吗?

  • Many technical experts at the time had doubts about the technology .

    当时,许多 技术专家对那种工艺抱有疑问。

  • They unreservedly passed on to us their technical know-how .

    他们把 技术知识毫无保留地传授给了我们。

  • The film bears favourable technical comparison with Hollywood productions costing 10 times as much .

    该片与耗资为其10倍的好莱坞制作相比在 技术上毫不逊色。

  • Without more training or advanced technical skills they 'll lose their jobs .

    没有进一步的培训或高级 技能的话,他们就会丢掉工作。

  • A series of technical foul-ups delayed the launch of the new product .

    一系列 技术问题延误了新产品的上市。

  • The technical aspects were the concern of the Army


  • Our discussion today will centre on technical innovation . ; We 'll focus our discussion today on technical innovation .

    今天重点讨论 技术革新问题。

  • Their technical ability is exceptional

    他们 技艺超群。

  • He really enjoys putting across a technical argument .

    他很喜欢向别人解释 技术上的问题。

  • To go in for technical innovation one must have the fearless spirit of a pathbreaker .


  • Relentless in his pursuit of quality his technical ability was remarkable

    对质量孜孜不倦的追求使他的 技能出类拔萃。

  • In order to reach this limit a number of technical problems will have to be solved .

    要达到这个限度,还有很多 技术问题必须解决。

  • The pilot told the control tower that he 'd run into technical trouble .

    飞行员报告机场控制塔他遇到了 技术问题。

  • The technical term for sunburn is erythema

    晒斑的 专业术语是红斑。

  • Our technical revolution is blazing its way forward through all the difficulties and advancing victoriously .

    我们的 技术革命正在披荆斩棘,胜利前进。

  • They train technical cardres in short course .

    他们办短训班培养 技术干部。

  • He 's just written a book : large format nicely illustrated and not too technical .

    他刚出了本书:大开本,插图精美, 专业性也不太

  • This project involves a lot of complex technical problems .

    这个方案牵涉到许多复杂的 技术问题。

  • They are offering merely technical assistance .

    他们仅仅是在提供 技术援助。