• His anger was unreasonable a storm in a teacup .

    他发怒毫无道理, 只是 小题大做

  • Why we have to put a mountain into a teacup ?

    为什么我们要将一座山置一 茶杯

  • The old man drained his teacup in one gulp and rubbed his bald head .

    老头子一口吞了一 ,摸了摸 脑袋。

  • There was a round hole on the armrest of every person 's chair for placing a teacup .

    每个观众的坐椅扶手上都有一个圆孔,是专用来放 茶杯的。

  • I 'll kill you with my teacup .

    我将用我 喝茶 杯子杀死你们。

  • A few years ago I wrote a booklet called The Teacup Is Full .

    几年前,我写了一本《 了》的小册子,有好几 朋友问我, 为什么 满了不好?

  • A dainty teacup ; an exquisite cameo ; fine china and crystal .

    雅致的 茶杯;精致的浮雕宝石;精致的瓷器和水晶。

  • That couple often quarrel but it is a storm in a teacup .

    那对夫妇经常吵架,没 什么 大惊小怪的。

  • Give me a teaspoon and a teacup .

    给我一个茶匙和 茶杯

  • I knocked the teacup over .

    我把 茶杯碰翻了。

  • Crooks her little finger when she holds a teacup ;


  • The preacher preached to the teacher 's teacup .

    传教士对着老师 茶杯 说教

  • A normal person would choose the bucket as it is larger than the spoon or the teacup .

    一个正常人会选择水桶,因为水桶比茶匙, 茶杯的体积大。

  • You have a teacup with a cover on it .

    你有那种有盖子的 茶杯

  • Scholars emphasized the white foam that formed when boiled water was added to the teacup .

    士大夫们注重把开水加入 茶杯中要形成白色的泡沫。

  • Mary : Can you make the teacup John ?

    玛丽:你会做 茶杯吗,约翰?

  • Their arguments were like a storm in a teacup .

    他们的争论是 小题大做

  • said the director we fill up a bathtub and we offer a teaspoon a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him to empty the bathtub .

    说导演,“我们填补了一个浴缸,和我们提供了一个小勺,一个 茶杯,和病人的水桶,并请他空浴缸”。

  • Carelessly I knocked my teacup over and the tea went all over the tablecloth .

    我不小心把 茶杯打翻了,洒得桌布上一塌糊涂。

  • Mrs. Wilkins I 'm awfully sorry . I 've broken a teacup .

    威尔金斯太太,很对不起,我打碎了一个 茶杯

  • Zipper was cleverly incorporated into the side of the teacup .

    这款 茶杯的一边 绝妙的镶嵌了拉链!

  • She has seen empty glass and teacup and has known that has been three men inside the room .

    她看到了空玻璃杯和 茶杯,知道房间里来过三个人。

  • Made a dive to catch the falling teacup .

    过去想抓住落下的 茶杯

  • I have broke a teacup .

    我打碎了一个 茶杯

  • Both are trying to present the disagreement as a storm in a teacup .

    双方都想拿这个小分歧 做大 文章

  • He insisted that this action is a storm in a teacup .

    他坚持认为这个行为有点 小题大做

  • The couple next door are always quarrelling but it is usually a storm in a teacup .

    隔壁的夫妇经常吵架,但多数是 小题大做

  • Don 't smash the teacup .

    别把 茶杯揍了。

  • The rim of the teacup is chipped .


  • He came in with a teacup in one hand and a piece of bread-and-butter in the other .

    他进来时,一手拿着一只 茶杯,一手拿着一片奶油面包。