• The direct survey methods include online method and teach-in method while indirect ones include search engine searching and site tracking method .

    网上 市场直接调研的方法有在线调查法和 专题 讨论法,间接 调研方法则有搜索引擎搜索、网站跟踪法;

  • The robot graphic teach-in programming is introduced in this paper .

    本文介绍机器人作业的图形 编程。

  • A Teach-in Programming Method for Press Robot in Automatic Press Line

    冲压自动生产线上 机器人 编程方法

  • In the fall of1969 Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson announced plans for a national environmental teach-in – one day each year of action and advocacy for the environment .

    1969年秋天,威斯康星州联邦参议员盖洛德∙尼尔森(GaylordNelson)宣布发起全国“环境 宣教”的计划& 要求每年有一天 集中倡导并开展环境 保护的活动。

  • Forty years ago Earth Day began in the United States as a teach-in – a day to educate people about the environmental challenges facing our planet .

    40年前,“地球日”( Earth Day)作为一个“ 宣教日”始于美国&在这一天对人们讲解我们的星球在环境方面遇到的挑战。

  • Teach-in and Playback Control of Velocity Regulation in Induction Hardening

    变速感应淬火的 再现控制

  • Ken Kesey They invited Ken Kesey to come and speak at the convention at the teach-in .

    他们邀请了,去 会场演说。

  • Michier the American first lady invited a group of students to take part in the teach-in for children healths .

    美国第一夫人米歇尔于本周三邀请一群学生前往白宫参加一个儿童健康 宣讲会。