tea cake

[ti kek][ti: keik]


  • She paused to take a slurp of tea and then ate the rest of her cake .

    她停下咕嘟喝了一口 ,接着将剩余的 蛋糕吃完。

  • The Technique of Solid state Fermentation on Oil tea Camellia Defatted Cake

    油茶 枯饼固态发酵技术的研究

  • Can you carry the tea things and the cake out into the garden ?

    麻烦你把 茶具 糕点 拿到园子里去好吗?

  • All Set Menu Serve with a glass of Red Wine 、 Champagne a cup of Coffee or Tea a portion of Turkey 、 Christmas Cake 、 Fruit Platter .

    所有圣诞套餐均赠送红酒、香槟及咖啡或 各一杯,烤火鸡、圣诞 糕点、时令水果各一份。

  • We put squat Italian tea lights on her cake rather than standard Chinese birthday candles .

    我们给她的 蛋糕上插的是矮胖的意大利 蜡,而不是标准的中国生日蜡烛。

  • Based on types of tea there is way for dust tea way for cake tea way for coin tea and way for leaves tea .

    如按名茶类型区分,即有“末 法”、“ 茶法”、“钱茶法”、“叶茶法”四种。

  • This research studied the main functionally biochemical components in casual tea tea cake and Longjing Huangpao tea .

    研究了龙井皇袍茶散茶、 茶及其原料 的主要功能性生化成分。

  • The use of ultrasonic process was investigated for extraction of saponin from tea cake under different conditions . Influences of ultrasonic power ultrasonic treatment time ratio of material to liquid solution temperature and ethanol concentration on saponin yield were studied .

    以脱壳 油茶 为原料,利用超声波提取茶皂素的工艺过程,分别考察超声波功率、超声波提取时间、乙醇浓度、料液比及溶液温度对提取率的影响。

  • He lives on tea and cake when he is alone .

    他一个人时常就 饼干,喝点

  • Studies on the Chemical Components of Tea Seed Oil and Cake

    籽油和 的化学成分研究

  • There are games and prizes and birthday tea with sandwiches biscuits icecream and a birthday cake .

    聚会上有游戏、奖品,还有三明治、饼干、冰激凌和生日 蛋糕等生日“ 茶点”。

  • Have you some tea to wash the fry cake down ?

    你倒点 茶水把这干 蛋糕烟下去,好吗?

  • There will be songs performance exhibition tea and cake !

    我们将献上歌唱、表演、展览,并 喝茶 蛋糕

  • The results showed that the best technique was as follows : 225 ℃ for 0 ~ 11 / 9 ~ 13 min with 1.4 % green tea powder . The green tea powder cake owned better quality longer shelf life and healthy function .

    结果表明添加1.4%的绿茶粉,在225℃以底火烘烤0~11min,面火烘烤9~13min,所制 蛋糕品质较好,且可有效延长 蛋糕的保质期,赋予 蛋糕一定保健功能。

  • While only cake or cookies is served with tea in America sandwiches buttered bread or toast cake or biscuits are served in the United Kingdom .

    在美国, 喝茶时只有蛋糕和糕饼。而在英国却有三明治、黄油面包或烤面包片, 蛋糕或饼干提供。

  • The first cake ( redness ) of wild species in the best tea is the first cake .

    中国第一饼(红印)野生乔木种的最佳 茶品就是中国第一

  • In this case tea consists of a drink and cake or biscuits in the afternoon .

    在这种情况下, tea则指下午的 茶点,包括饮料和 糕点、饼乾之类。

  • She asked her maid to bring her a pot of tea a little bread and butter and cake in her room .

    她命女仆送一壶 、一点儿黄油面包和 蛋糕到她房间里去。

  • The finest of Pu'er tea dried green tea as raw material made of specially processed the cake has a good collection .

    此茶采用上等的普洱晒青 绿茶做原料,经过特殊加工制作而成,该 具有较好的收藏价值。

  • The results indicate : the primary targets of the shampoo direction precede to relate product Collybia velutipes unit output similar that of tradition planting provide reference for the comprehensive utilization of oil tea cake in the area of abundant oil tea

    结果表明:本产品洗发液配方的主要指标优于同类产品,金针菇单位产量与棉籽壳栽培产量相仿,为油茶产地的油 茶饼综合利用提供参考

  • Optimization of extracting tea saponin from the cake of camellia seeds by orthogonal design

    正交法优化茶籽 中茶皂素的提取工艺

  • Then we had tea with a huge Christmas cake covered with snowmen and polar bears .

    接着我们喝 下午 上面有一层雪人和北极熊的圣诞大 蛋糕

  • Study on Processing Technique of Ultramicro Green Tea Powder Cake

    超微 绿茶蛋糕加工工艺研究

  • Compliment the tea with a delicious cake and her favorite snack it 'll be enjoyable for her .

    让妈妈边 喝茶边吃上美味的 蛋糕,还有她最爱的小吃,这对她来说会很享受的。(实习编辑:顾萍)

  • The Duchess apparently became hungry in the afternoon and asked for some tea bread and butter and cake to be brought to her room .

    公爵夫人每到下午便感应百无聊赖甚或结肠告小肠,便让女仆筹办一些 差点,面粉和水发酵制成的,奶油和 蛋糕送往她的房间。

  • The function ingredient of tea and quality characteristic of tea-rice cake was analyzed and the novel tea-rice cake processing technology was preliminary studied in this paper .

    本文主要对 茶叶功能成分及茶叶 年糕的品质特性进行了分析,并对新型茶叶年糕加工技术作了初步探索。

  • Nowadays however in the average suburban home afternoon tea is likely to be just a biscuit or small cake and a mug oftea usually produced using a teabag .

    然而在如今,在大多数郊区居民的家中,下午 更趋向于是简简单单的一块饼干,一小块 蛋糕,以及一大杯由茶包冲泡的茶。

  • The Duchess asked that a tray of tea bread and butter and cake be brought to her room during the late afternoon .

    公爵夫人就命人把 ,黄油面包和 蛋糕在下午晚些时候送到她的房间里去

  • The desaponification and solid state fermentation on oil tea camellia defatted cake were carried out .

    油茶 枯饼的脱毒和发酵技术进行了研究。