• I went into the box frankly and setting the silver tankard on the corner of the bench I sat down before it .

    我坦然地走进那 小屋,把那 大号酒杯 在板凳的角上,我坐在它前面。

  • I would sooner micturate in a tankard of my own ale than journey to Tristram !

    我宁愿在我的啤酒桶中撒尿也不愿意前往崔 斯特瑞姆!

  • You don 't need too much just a small tankard .

    你不需要太多,只是一个小的 啤酒

  • He reached for his tankard and took a slow swallow to help conceal whatever might be showing on his face .

    他伸出 够他的 酒杯,慢慢的吞着 以掩饰脸上的表情。

  • Ben Tankard wowed the crowd with his jazz .