tank up

[tæŋk ʌp][tæŋk ʌp]


  • The oil in the tank is up .

    里的油 用完

  • In this paper the evaluation of tank weapon system is set up through the analysis of the factors that influence the fight ability of main battle tank weapon system and the value of every index is determined by the utility function .

    首先对影响坦克武器系统作战能力的因素进行了分析, 建立 坦克武器系统作战能力评价指标体系。

  • Already a bright new water tank has been set up . And amid the crunch of cement mixers and shouts of masons the new settlement which will soon house Sathya and her people is taking shape .

    一个亮丽的新 水塔已经 建好 ;在水泥搅拌机和泥瓦匠的喧嚣声中,Sathya与乡亲们即将入住的新居已经初具规模。

  • To correct the deviation of a 20 000m ~ 3 floating roof tank by local jacking up

    2万m~3浮顶 局部顶 纠偏法

  • By taking 58 thousand m 3 oil floating roof tank which was built up by Italian Company was the terminal station parts of the Sudan oil transit line project in Sudan port as a example the new technology process used in design construction abroad were introduced .

    以苏丹输油管道项目中苏丹港末站的 58000m3浮顶 油罐工程(由意大利公司承建)为例,介绍国外在设计施工方面采用的新技术和新工艺。

  • There isn 't any petrol in the tank . Please fill it up .

    油箱里没有油了。请把它 加满

  • Meanwhile what to do with a young boy who is keen to drive a tank when he grows up ?

    那么,你应该拿一个渴望 长大后开 坦克的小男孩怎么办?

  • The tank blew up on its homeward journey .


  • But the level of installed safety control measure is level B which showed that the safety technical measures and safety management to LNG storage tank is not up to the ideal .

    但现有安全措施对危险的控制能力等级为B级,说明LNG 储罐的安全技术措施和安全管理还未 达到较理想的状况。

  • The gas tank was hit and went up in flames . set fire to the enemies ammunition dump

    油库中弹起火被 烧毁了。放火烧敌人的弹药库

  • In this thesis the system with thermal expansion valve and capillary as first throttling device has been studied . A thermostatic laboratory and an air-source heat pump system of two-stage cycle with flash tank have been set up in this thesis .

    本文通过实验和模拟的方法对热力膨胀阀和毛细管作为第一级 节流机构的系统进行 研究。

  • Study of Slurry Storage Agitating Tank Scale up Criteria

    煤浆储存 搅拌 装置 放大准则的研究

  • According to Lagrange dynamical equation and Kriloff theory the mathematical model of integrated anti-roll system ship-fin stabilizer-passive anti-roll tank is built up .

    根据拉格朗日动力学方程及克雷洛夫- 勃拉哥维辛斯的理论,首次建立了“船舶-减摇鳍-被动式减摇水 ”综合减摇系统的数学模型。

  • First the finite-element computing model of the medium flow field in quenching tank is set up .

    首先 建立 淬火 内介质流场的有限元计算模型。

  • The unresolved pain remains stuck in a sort of holding tank filling it up until there is little or no space left .

    未解决的痛苦困在一个类似废水 中,在 不断装满 直到只剩下没有多少或装满为止。

  • The water quality at the outlet of water tank meets demand . The service life of the desalting water tank may be up to 30 years . in water . The D.

    水箱出水口水质符合要求,除盐 水箱使用寿命 可达30年。经紫外光照射后,颜料在水中的D。

  • The kind of fast hot water tank heats up the efficiency high saves the electricity the use cost is low is advantageous for the promoted application .

    这种速热 水箱加热效率高、省电、使用成本低、便于推广应用。

  • Together with superior management software which is newly programmed the new type automatic tank gauging system is built up .

    开发了上位管理软件,与传感器一起 组成 完整的基于磁致伸缩效应的新型 储自动计量系统。

  • This paper introduces the location selection volume of storage tank set up concept accessories arrangement auxiliary facilities arrangement safety and fire-fighting issues of the LPG refill station for vehicle .

    介绍液化石油气汽车加气站的选址, 贮罐的容量、 设置方式、附件的配置,站内附属设施的设置及安全、消防等问题。

  • Numerical Model of Fuel Tank Pressure Building up Process in Energy Supply System

    能供系统燃料 增压过程数学模型

  • In the meantime the gasoline pump has started pumping gas from the tank up through a tube into the carburetor .

    与此同时,油泵开始从 油箱抽出汽油,通过管道送人化油器。

  • The tank ploughed up the muddy roads .

    坦克车在泥泞的道路上 掘出 高高低低的车辙。

  • There are also indications that a major tank battle may be shaping up for tonight

    也有迹象表明今晚可能 发生大规模的 坦克战。

  • Causes for Damage of Low Pressure Tank During Lifting Up

    低压 储罐 举破坏事故分析及修复措施

  • The mathematical model of passively controlled anti-rolling tank is set up based on theories of U-type passive anti-rolling tank .

    在查德惠克U型被动式减摇水舱理论的基础上, 建立 “船舶-可控被动式减摇水 ”系统的数学模型。

  • Sunlight energy is collected by glass vacuum tube and metal superconductive tube transmits heat to the pressure-bearing water tank to heat up water .

    太阳光能量通过玻璃真空管采集,由金属超导热管传热至承压 水箱 水加热。

  • The enemy 's gas tank was hit and went up in smoke Don 't stand cans of petrol near the fire .

    敌人的 油罐被击中爆炸 起火。不要把汽油罐放在近火处。

  • The plug flow model of sludge distribution in the three tank alternating system was set up for controlling the sludge distribution status at one time .

    通过分析 建立了三 交替工艺的污泥推流模型,根据该模型能掌握任一时间的污泥分布状况。

  • The modified DE oxidation ditch was adopted in Xindu Jinhai Wastewater Treatment Plant that is an anoxic tank and an anaerobic tank were set up in front of DE oxidation ditch for enhancing the phosphorus removal .

    四川新都金海污水处理厂采用改良型DE氧化沟工艺,即在DE型氧化沟前加 缺氧池和厌氧 以强化除磷。