n.胃,中肠; 砂囊

  • To observe the changes of ventriculus sinister cordis configuration and function of heroin addicts .

    目的:观察海洛因依赖者的左心构型与 功能变化,并进行 充盈 状态 评价

  • Analysis of echocardiography in ventriculus sinister cordis configuration and function in heroin addicts

    海洛因依赖者 心构型及 功能的超声心动图分析

  • The function changes of right ventriculus in broiler ascites syndrome


  • Ventricular dissociation The phenomenon of conduction delay in the outflow tract of ventriculus dexter of rabbit

    心室流出道 兴奋传导的延迟现象

  • Lamina muscularis of ventriculus and intestine consisted of two layer smooth muscle ( circular muscle in inner layer and longitudinal muscle in outer layer ) .

    、肠粘膜为单层 上皮,肌层由内环外纵两层平滑肌组成;

  • The midgut ( ventriculus and gastric caeca ) was histologically similar and made of columnar cells with striated borders .

    结果 表明,中肠( 和胃盲囊)组织上结构相似, 由具有纹状边缘的柱状细胞构成。

  • The abnormal rate examined by MRI was 87 % . The focus which usually locates on the side of ventriculus cerebri callus and brain stem were mainly reflected with the weighed signals of T2.The total abnormality rate of BAEP and MRI reached 93 % .

    MRI检出异常率为87%,显示病灶以T2加权高信号为多,病灶主要出现在大脑 脑室 、胼胝体、脑干等处。BAEP与MRI二者联合检查阳性率为93%。

  • Methods : A clinical study was about 30 cases of our hospital which patients were all over 61 years old and were all treated by ventriculostomy in two sides ventriculus and flushing ventriculus with urokinase .

    方法:总结30例61岁以上脑室积血均采用双侧 脑室引流加尿激酶冲洗治疗患者的临床资料。

  • Effect of ventriculostomy in two sides ventriculus and flushing ventriculus with urokinase in treatment of the elder paitents intraventricular hematoma ② After craniotomy 60 cases of intracerebral hemorrhage were divided into three groups : control group UK group and UK + SM group .

    双侧 脑室引流加尿激酶冲洗治疗老年性脑室内积血的分析2对60例高血压脑出血患者开颅手术清除血肿后,随机分成3组:对照引流组,尿激酶冲洗引流组,尿激酶丹参冲洗引流组。

  • To study the arterial distribution in the preventriculus and ventriculus of partridge the branches and distribution of gastric arterial were carefully observed by means of consolidating vessels on ten partridges .

    为了研究鹧鸪腺胃和肌 的动脉分布状况,本实验用血管铸型法对10只鹧鸪胃的动脉分支和分布情况进行了详细的解剖观察。

  • It suggested that the morphological character of arterioles contributed to the countercurrent blood from ventriculus to myocardium and increased the length of blood vessels and blood capacity which had an effect on nourishing and irrigating ischemic myocardium .

    结论:微动脉的形态特点有利于将来自 的血液逆流回心肌,增加 肌肉血管的长度和血容量,对缺血心肌具有营养和灌流作用。

  • Results All the rest of 11 cases have recovered except 1 patient with advanced stage died from once again hemorrhea on the 6th day after peripheral vessels transfixion of cardia and fundus ventriculus .

    结果1例Ⅳ期患者行贲门 底周围血管缝扎术后第6d再次大出血,抢救无效死亡,其余11例均痊愈。

  • Chief manifestation of inhibitory type as below : pump function was inhibited stroke volume de - creased valid pump effort ( VPE ) of left heart decreased left ventriculus work index ( LVWI ) decreased w_1386 peripheral resistance increased blood viscosity increased .

    抑制型主要表现为泵功能受抑制心搏出量(SV)减少,左心有效泵力(VPE)降低,左 心搏功指数(LVWI)降低w_1432,外周阻力增高,血粘度增高。

  • In 13 patients with AV node reentrant tachycardia when ablation on slow pathway that is all successful 3 patient with sustain ventricular tachycardia ( VT ); two patients ablation on the left-front wall of the left ventriculus .

    15例房室结双径路致房室结折返性心动过速(消蚀慢径路)和3例室性心动过速(2例位于左 前壁,1例在 后隔)全部获得成功消蚀。

  • These results suggested that the distribution of OT in the hypothalamus of dairy goat is extensive and the physiological effection is on target cells by blood circle after releasing by three channels which are the third ventriculus ( cerebrospinal fluid ) neurohypophysis and blood vessel .

    观察结果提示,OT在羔羊丘脑下部分布广泛,且丘脑下部OT经神经垂体、第三 脑室、血管3条途径释放,经血液循环最终作用于靶细胞而发挥生理作用。

  • In addition unconditioned logistic regression analysis showed that the number of infarcts in subcortex of lobus frontalis and thalamus size of infarcts in anterior white matter around the body of ventriculus lateralis and degree of leukoaraiosis and accompanied brain atrophy were significantly correlated with vascular dementia .

    非条件Logistic回归分析额叶皮质下及丘脑梗死灶数目、侧 脑室 前部白质梗死灶体积、脑白质疏松以及脑皮层萎缩的程度与血管性痴呆的发生显著相关。

  • The main results were as follows : 1 . The midgut of H. longicornis consisted of a central ventriculus a pair of anterior lateral diverticulum and posterior lateral diverticulum which were divided into 7 pairs of diverticula in females and 6 pairs of diverticula in males .

    长角血蜱 中肠由中央的 主体、一对前侧叶和一对后侧叶组成。前、后侧叶再分枝,雌蜱共形成7对盲管,而雄蜱则形成6对盲管。

  • Research and Selection of Ventriculus Lateralis Injection Point on Sheep

    羊侧 脑室注射方法研究

  • Tracing the Origin of the Sympathetic Afferent Nerve of the Ventriculus Cordis by Means of Horseradish Peroxidase Method in the Rat

    HRP法追踪 交感传入纤维的来源

  • And these of the rats injected with bFGF in ventriculus dexter cerebri and then injected with pilocarpine in intraperitoneal after 2 hours were given bFGF ; Clinicopathological diagnosis of meningioma in 3 ~ ( rd ) ventriculus

    实验 痫性 发作后观察2小时( 2h);第Ⅲ 脑室内脑膜瘤临床病理诊断

  • Clinicopathological diagnosis of meningioma in 3 ~ ( rd ) ventriculus


  • The digestive tracts were divided into cavum oris esophagus ventriculus duodenum jejunum ileum rectum and cloaca .

    结果 表明 虎纹 消化道分为口咽腔、食道、 、十二指肠、空肠、回肠、直肠和泄殖腔。