venous transfusion

[ˈvinəs trænsˈfjuʒən][ˈvi:nəs trænsˈfju:ʒən]


  • A new technique an extensive pressing at the puncture site was used after extracting the needle in the patients who were given a venous transfusion of cerebrolysin or ahylysantinfarctase and compared with the traditional pressing .

    静脉 脑活素、蝮蛇抗栓酶的病人,在 结束拔针后,采用大面积按压法按压穿刺部位,并与传统的按压法进行了比较。

  • Problems and countermeasures of venous transfusion in out-patient clinic

    门诊 静脉 输液存在的问题及对策

  • Objective To investigate the effect of nurse-patient communication before venous transfusion to the patients with preeclampsia .

    目的探讨给妊娠期高血压疾病患者 静脉 输液前与其充分护患交流对患者疾病的影响。

  • Methods There were 50 cases of patients with INTIMA closed retaining needle to venous transfusion in the observation group ; There were 70 cases of patients with general transfusion needle to venous transfusion in the control group .

    方法50例患者为观察组用INTIMA封闭式留置针进行 静脉 输液,70例患者为对照组用普通输液针进行静脉输液治疗,对两种输液方法的穿刺次数和液体渗漏等情况进行比较。

  • This technique is a useful way to keep venous patency and prevent phlebitis which is used in the patients with long-time venous transfusion and irritating medicine .

    该技术是维持静脉通畅及预防静脉炎的有效方法,适用于需要长期 静脉 输液静脉 输入刺激性药物的患者。

  • Objective To study the methods of dealing with the normal adverse reactions in venous transfusion .

    目的探讨 静脉 输血中常见不良反应的处理方法。

  • A new method of automatic detection of water level in venous transfusion based on image

    基于图像的 静脉 输液无液检测的新方法

  • ANALYSIS OF 39 VENOUS TRANSFUSION CASES INDUCED BY TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE INJECTION Content Determination of Main Component in Intravenous Emulsion of Vinorelbine by HPLC

    中药注射剂 静脉 输液 反应 108例分析HPLC法测定异长春花碱静脉注射乳剂中主药的含量

  • Glove Fixation Band of Upper Limb Using in Venous Transfusion

    静脉 输液中应用手套式上肢固定带的研究

  • Application and Nursing of Embedded Venous Transfusion Port in Patients with Malignant Tumor

    植入式 静脉 输液港应用于恶性肿瘤患者的护理

  • All cases either with or without operation were treated with TPN in addition to compound treatment and TPN solutions were used through peripheral venous transfusion . In this group TPN was used from 6-30 days under lab surveillance .

    本组病例无论手术或非手术治疗均在综合治疗的基础上给予静脉高营养疗法,TPN液均经周围 静脉 输入,应用TPN时间为6~30d,在实验室监测情况下用TPN。

  • The effect of nursing behavior factors on peripheral venous transfusion

    护理行为因素对周围 静脉 输液的影响

  • Experimental Study on Eliminating Micro - air into Vein during Venous Transfusion

    静脉 输液时消除微量空气进入静脉的实验研究

  • Conclusions Glove fixation band of upper limb can raise the successful rate of venous transfusion and curative effect decrease the pain .

    结论 静脉 输液 手套式上肢固定带可提高 输液成功率,减轻患者痛苦,提高治疗效果。

  • Relationship between cost and price of venous transfusion in public hospitals

    公立医院 静脉 输液成本与收费关系研究

  • Effect of mental nursing on venous transfusion in out-patient clinic

    心理护理对门诊 静脉 输液患者疗效的影响

  • In this article it has compared statistically the time length of ligating tourniquet and the successful rate of venipuncture by 100 cases of diarrhea with venous transfusion .

    本文通过对100例腹泻患者在实施 静脉 输液中,对结扎止血带时间长短与静脉穿刺成功率进行统计比较。

  • Survey and Precautionary Analysis of the Related Factors for Leakage of Venous Transfusion in Children

    小儿 静脉 输液渗漏相关因素的调查分析及预防对策

  • Research progress on relevant factors of venous transfusion

    静脉 输液相关问题的研究进展

  • The Application of new Disposable Infusion Set in the Venous Transfusion of Surgery Patient

    新型一次性输液器在手术病人 输液 护理中的应用

  • Method 23 cases of the child venous transfusion were observed and nursing conditions were studied .

    方法对23例小儿 静脉 输液的反应进行分析和讨论。

  • Monitoring System for Venous Transfusion

    静脉 输液实时监测系统

  • Application of INTIMA Closed Retaining Needle Replacing General Transfusion Needle to Venous Transfusion

    INTIMA封闭式留置针替代普通输液针进行 静脉 输液 治疗的应用

  • With the same teaching content of easement and clinostatism intra venous transfusion and bedsore nursing the experimental group adopted the inter net-based teaching methodology while the control group adopted traditional one .

    网络组采用网络环境教学,课堂组采用传统方法课堂教学,学习内容:《护理学基础》中舒适与卧位、 静脉 输血、褥疮护理。

  • Objective To study the valid re - sterilization time for capsules during the venous transfusion .

    目的通过试验, 找出 静脉 输液瓶盖消毒加药后有效消毒时限,确定再次消毒时间。

  • The result provided a scientific basis for comprehension of the effect of nursing behavior on the extravasation of venous transfusion .

    该结果对全面理解护理行为因素对 静脉 输液外溢的影响提供了科学依据。

  • Methods The common phenomenon occurring in venous transfusion was summarized and analyzed .

    方法对 护理常用 操作 技术- 静脉 输液中的某些 现象进行总结、分析。

  • Venous transfusion is the main method of giving medicine in clinic .

    静脉 输液是临床给药的一个主要方法。

  • Objective To probe the effect of INTIMA closed retaining needle replacing general transfusion needle to venous transfusion .

    目的探讨INTIMA封闭式留置针替代普通输液针进行 临床 输液 治疗 应用效果,以利推广 使用

  • Methods The following aspects such as the medicine the quality control of venous transfusion the nursing experience and the management of patient checking were summarized .

    方法通过从药物方面、 输液质量控制方面、护理工作经验、病人查对管理等方面加以综述。