venous return

[ˈvinəs rɪˈtɚn][ˈvi:nəs riˈtə:n]


  • Objective : To explore the effects of VEGF on micro-angiogenesis and venous blood return in the imitation model of rabbit limb replantation of unanastomosis so as to provide a basis for clinical treatment research .

    目的:探讨VEGF对模拟不吻合静脉兔断肢再植模型微血管生成及 静脉血液 回流的影响,为临床治疗研究提供依据。

  • After follow-up of 1 ~ 68 months 1 patient occurred venous return obstruction and died 6 months later the other patients recovery smoothly and developed well .

    随访1~68个月,1例心内型患者于术后6个月出现 静脉 回流梗阻死亡,余生长发育良好。

  • In the patients with background retinopathy the venous return velocity increased strikingly ( P < 0.01 ) .

    背景型视网膜病变者, 静脉 回流速度显著增快(P<0.01)。

  • Conclusion Give selectively renal artery infusion chemotherapy and multiple embolotherapy before kidney operation help to reduce the risk of operation cut the tumor completely and reduce the distant metastasis caused by squeezing through venous return .

    结论肾癌手术前实施选择性肾动脉插管化疗联合多重栓塞有助于降低手术风险和肿瘤的完整切除,减少因手术挤压经 静脉 回流造成的远处转移;

  • Conclusion Pricking blood therapy is an effective solution of venous return obstruction .

    目的探讨断指再植 后应用 放血疗法的护理经验和体会。

  • Objective : To analyse the blood supply and venous return of the external nose and explore its clinical significance .

    目的:研究外 的血液供应,并探讨其临床意义。

  • Hight quality anastomosis and good venous return are crucial to the success of crushing fingertip replantation

    高质量的血管的吻合技术和良好的 静脉 回流是保证再植成功的关键

  • CONCLUSION : The nuclide liver dynamic imaging can reflect the status of venous return after replantation of severed limb or amputated finger promptly and objectively . It has an important value in clinic .

    2结论:断肢指再植术后核素肝动态显像能及时、客观地反应术后 静脉() 回流状况,有重要的临床实用价值。

  • AIM To investigate the mechanism of the different influences of the intrathoracic pressure change ( ITPC ) on the two venous return systems .

    目的研究胸压变化对两侧 静脉 回流影响不同的力学原理。

  • Clinical significance of venous return disturbance in patients with osteonecrosis of femoral head

    静脉 回流障碍在早期股骨头坏死中的临床意义

  • This kind of treatment not only improves the lymphatic return in extremity involved but also increases the venous return .

    这种治疗的实质是既促进了患侧上肢淋巴回流,又增加了其 静脉 回流

  • Blood supply and venous return of external nose were observed on 10 sides cephalic-facial cast specimens .

    10例成人头部铸型标本,观察外鼻的动脉血供和 静脉 回流

  • In many factors affecting the venous hemodynamics of the lower limb the pumping function of the calf muscle contraction is the principal power responsable for venous return .

    在影响下肢静脉血流动力学的多种因素中,小腿肌肉收缩的泵功能是 静脉 回流的主要动力。

  • The prominent pathological changes in 6 autopsy cases of bilateral complete anomalous pulmonary venous return ( APVR ) were found in the right heart pulmonary arterioles and pulmonary parenchymatous tissue .

    本文报道6例小儿双侧完全性隔上型肺 静脉 回流异常(简称APVR)的心脏和肺部病变。

  • Inadequate venous return and venous hyperemia occurred in 1 case because peroneal vein was injured during operation . The flap edge skin was cut and heparin was locally dripped for one week the flap vascular cycle was resumed .

    1例因术中意外损伤腓静脉出现皮瓣静脉危象,术后切开皮瓣边缘皮肤 放血并局部滴注肝素液1周,皮瓣成活。

  • But comparing with spontaneous respiration reduced system venous return resulted in decreased cardiac function .

    结论正 通气使室间隔趋于右移,同时, 血管 心血量增加,但与自主呼吸时相比, 静脉 心血量相对减少, 心功能降低。

  • Ultrastructure of cerebral tissue lactate content in venous return blood ATP content in cerebral tissue and activity of nitric oxide synthetase ( NOS ) in cerebral cells were measured .

    检测各组脑组织超微结构、颈 静脉血乳酸含量、脑组织ATP含量和一氧化氮合成酶(NOS)活性。

  • Evaluation of the venous return in the replanted finger autograft by dynamic ~ ( 99 ) Tc ~ m-MIBI imaging

    ~(99)Tc~m-MIBI肝动态显像评价断指再植术后 静脉 回流

  • Venous return and central venous pressure and their influencing factors ;

    静脉 心血量、中心静脉压及其影响因素;

  • The effects of passive and active movements of foot and ankle on the venous return in the lower limb

    足踝主、被动运动对下肢 静脉 回流的影响

  • Conclusions Magnetic resonance imaging is safe and reliable to diagnose the neonatal cardiac diseases . CE-MRA may be the best noninvasive diagnostic modality for congenital obstructive aortic arch anomalies and congenital obstructive total anomalous pulmonary venous return .

    结论:新生儿心脏MR检查相当安全,诊断符合 也很高,CE-MRA是梗阻性先天性主动脉弓畸形和梗阻性 TAPVC的最佳非创伤诊断手段。

  • During Af the decreased pulmonary venous return in systolic stage indicates the increased pressure of left atrial .

    Af时收缩期肺 静脉 回流减少,提示左房压增高;

  • In all cases TEE could visualize partial anomalous pul-monary venous return associated with sinus venosus ASD .

    且所有的TEE检查的病例,能清晰地观察到与 静脉窦型ASD相关的部分肺 静脉异位 引流

  • Methods : ① The arterial source branches and distribution and venous return of external nose were observed on 38 adult cadaveric specimens .

    方法:①38例成人头颅标本,常规解剖并观察外鼻的动脉来源、分支及分布和 静脉 回流

  • Treatment of supracardiac total anomalous pulmonary venous return via superior approach

    采用心上径路矫治心上型完全性肺 静脉异位引流的体会

  • Bilateral complete anomalous pulmonary venous return and pulmonary arteriolar change

    双侧完全性肺 静脉 回流异常及心、肺病变&附6例尸解报告

  • Hydromechanical principle of the different actions of the intrathoracic pressure changes on the two venous return systems

    胸压变化对两个 静脉 回流系统不同作用的力学原理

  • AIM : To evaluate the value of nuclide liver dynamic imaging for monitoring venous return after animal experiment of severed limb replantation and clinical amputated finger replantation and to explore the practicability of this method .

    目的:评价断肢再植动物实验及断指再植临床病例术后核素肝动态显像,观测 静脉 回流的价值,探讨这种方法的实用性。

  • Venous return in hip joint and its clinical significance

    髋关节的 静脉 回流及其临床意义

  • Nuclide liver dynamic imaging for evaluation of venous return after replantation of severed limb in animals

    应用核素肝动态显像评估动物断肢再植术后的 静脉 回流状况