venous blood

[ˈvinəs blʌd][ˈvi:nəs blʌd]


  • Simultaneous arterial and venous blood hemoglobin samples were obtained and Hgb concentrations measured .

    同时抽取动 静脉 血红蛋白样本进行血红蛋白浓度检测。

  • Capacitance vessels constrict increasing the back flow of venous blood .

    容量 血管收缩, 静脉回流量增加。

  • The Value in CGMS and Venous Blood Glucose Measured in Clinical Comparative Study in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

    2型糖尿病患者CGMS测定值与 静脉 血糖值的临床对比研究

  • Three can directly effect the stomach esophagus venous blood flow easy to make up the stomach esophagus varicosity and rupture bleeding .

    可直接影响胃、食道 静脉 血流,易惹起胃底、食道静脉曲张和决裂出血。

  • Change venous blood into arterial blood .

    静脉 转化为动脉血。

  • Principle : to take venous blood in vivo out of body and reinfuse to patients'artery or venous system by artificial heart and lung bypass oxygenation to partly replace heart and lung function .

    原理:将体内的 静脉 引出体外,经过人工心肺旁路氧合重新注入病人动脉或静脉系统,起到心肺部分替代作用。

  • Calculating the venous blood concentration of inhalation anesthetics with a clinical gas analyzer The Pulmonary Arterial Oxygen Saturation Monitoring via Trachea in Hypoxia Dogs

    利用麻醉气体监护仪床旁测定吸入麻醉药 浓度经气管监测缺氧时肺动脉血氧饱和度的动物实验研究

  • Comparative Study on Electrolytes Acid-Base Balance and Venous Blood Gas in Albino and Pigment Guinea Pigs

    花色豚鼠与白化豚鼠 静脉 电解质、酸碱平衡及血气的比较学研究

  • Conclusion Children scalp needle blood collection needle method has a high success rate operation time is short is an effective method of venous blood .

    结论小儿头皮针 静脉采血方法一针穿刺成功率高,操作时间短,是一种有效的 静脉 采血方法。

  • Physiological factors respectively reagents factors pathological factors venous blood factors human factors and other aspects of the analysis .

    分别对生理因素.试剂因素、病理因素、 静脉 采血因素、人为因素等各方面进行了分析。

  • Comparative study of production cauliflower ear in rabbits by striking and injecting venous blood

    撞击与注射 静脉 建立家兔菜花耳模型的比较研究

  • Analysis on the test results of 7 trace elements in venous blood of children in Zhuzhou area

    株洲地区儿童 静脉 7种微量元素检测结果分析

  • Samples of venous blood and organs were cultured using standard techniques .

    使用标准技术培养 静脉 标本及器官标本。

  • Comparative Analysis of Two Methods in Collecting Venous Blood Samples in Newborn

    新生儿 静脉 血液标本两种采集方法对比分析

  • Influence of three categories of casting metal full crowns on apoptosis of lymphocytes in peripheral venous blood

    3种铸造金属全冠戴用后对外周 静脉 淋巴细胞凋亡的影响

  • Analysis of mean corpuscular volume results of venous blood in 2 000 chinese adults

    2000例无贫血体检成人 静脉 的红细胞平均体积结果分析

  • Every week venous blood from the tails was collected to measure blood sugar and urine sugar and24-hour drinking volume and urine volume were recorded 3 weeks in a row .

    每周采尾 静脉 测血糖及尿糖,并记录24小时饮水量和尿量,连续测量3周。

  • Acupoints Pressing for Health Check-up Patients Experiencing A Syncopal Attack During Venous Blood Collection

    穴位按压在健康体检静脉 采血晕厥中的应用

  • Effects of remifentanil and / or propofol on the survival of PMNs in venous blood in vitro

    雷米芬太尼和丙泊酚对离体 静脉 中性粒细胞存活率的影响

  • The Vascular Disease Foundation urges Americans especially women to learn about the risks of venous blood clots to help prevent these deaths .

    血管疾病基金会敦促美国人,尤其是美国女性,去了解 静脉 血栓的风险以帮助预防这类死亡事件的发生。

  • Objective To conduct pediatric superficial temporal scalp acupuncture and traditional vein blood sampling femoral vein explore a simple safe fast and effective method of venous blood .

    目的通过对小儿进行头皮针颞浅静脉采血与传统股静脉采血的效果比较,探索一种简便、安全、快捷、有效的 静脉 采血方法。

  • Immunological study of peripheral and splenic venous blood in hepatocellular carcinoma and benign abdominal diseases

    肝细胞癌与腹腔良性疾病外周及脾 静脉 的免疫状态研究

  • Investigation of the reference values of venous blood cells among healthy people in Fuzhou area

    福州市健康体检人群 静脉 细胞22项参数参考值调查

  • The lungs may be infected as a result of the organisms moving along lymphatics into the venous blood .

    肺部的感染则可能是放线杆菌沿着淋巴管移行,进入 静脉 血液

  • An Improved Method of Calculating the Venous Blood Concentration of Isoflurane by Fick 's Equation

    基于菲克定律计算异氟醚 浓度的改良方法研究

  • Effect of waiting time of periphery blood and venous blood on counting of WBC and PLT

    末梢全血和 静脉 待测时间对白细胞及血小板计数的影响

  • An investigation on risk factors of cerebral venous blood NSE levels after CPB for open heart surgery

    体外循环心内直视手术对患者 颅内 血浆NSE水平影响因素分析

  • The morning fasting venous blood of all subjects were obtained to detect plasma OPN concentration by ELISA .

    抽取所有观察对象清晨空腹 静脉 ,用ELISA法测定血浆OPN浓度,观察血浆OPN水平与冠心病的关系。