venous absorption

[ˈvinəs əbˈsɔrpʃən][ˈvi:nəs əbˈsɔ:pʃən]


  • Conclusion Venous oxygen therapy can improve ischemia and anoxia lessen cerebral edema and lower intracranial pressure which is conducive to the recovery of neurological function and consciousness as well as absorption of hematoma and shortening of disease process .

    结论 静脉氧疗能改善缺血缺氧状态,减轻脑水肿,降低颅内压,有利于神经功能的恢复,促进患者觉醒和血肿 吸收,缩短病程,值得推广。

  • Urines stools and venous blood ( VB ) samples were collected at 10th 20th and 30th days . The plumbi levels of the samples were assayed with absorption spectrometry .

    分别收集实验狗第10、20、30天24小时内的尿液、粪便及 静脉血,用原子 吸收光谱方法测定铅的含量。

  • Clinical study of venous indwelling needle analgesia by Tetracaine Lidocaine combined with Transdermal absorption enhancers

    丁卡因、利多卡因联合透皮 吸收促进剂对 静脉留置针穿刺镇痛的临床研究